Scag Jackal Stand-On Mini Skid Steer



Scag Jackal Stand-On Mini Skid Steer




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Elevate your operational capabilities and redefine productivity with the Scag® Jackal™ stand-on mini skid steer. Engineered for versatility and endurance, the Jackal ensures seamless adaptability across various terrains with its customizable track widths, while dual fuel tanks promote extended work periods without frequent refueling. Experience enhanced safety through its low center of gravity and intuitive controls that simplify operation, allowing you to focus on the task at hand. Comfort isn’t compromised either; the ergonomic operator platform reduces fatigue for sustained performance. Equipped with a robust, military-grade steel bucket and a powerful hydraulic system, the Jackal is not just a purchase—it's a strategic investment in the profitability and efficiency of your business. Make the Scag Jackal a cornerstone of your fleet and watch your projects, productivity, and profits soar.


TRACKING WIDTH: 35.5" - 40"




The Scag Jackal stands unrivaled in the realm of mini skid steers. Crafted under the banner of "Simply the Best," it merges impeccable manufacturing standards with the robust, industry-leading diesel engines from Kubota® and Yanmar®. Offering substantial horsepower and renowned worldwide for their durability, these engines ensure the Jackal provides top-tier performance and reliability. Choose the Jackal for a dependable, high-power solution in your compact construction needs.


Unleash the full potential of your business with the Scag® Jackal™ stand-on mini skid steer. This innovative machine not only paves the way for new opportunities but also revolutionizes your workday efficiency. Whether you're breaking ground on new projects or expanding your service offerings, the Jackal is your partner in profitability.


Harness the might of the Industrial-Grade Hydraulic System in the Scag Jackal, delivering ground speeds up to 4 mph. This powerhouse enables you to traverse various job sites with unrivaled efficiency, ensuring that no matter the task, you can depend on consistent performance and productivity.


The Scag Jackal Mini-Track Loader is designed with effortless engine access in mind. Equipped with the powerhouse Kubota® D1305-E4B diesel engine, this machine promises exceptional durability, lasting between 5,000 to 10,000+ machine hours with proper maintenance. The easy-access engine bay ensures you can swiftly reach the Kubota® engine and other essential components, making routine maintenance and repairs a breeze.


Enhanced Fuel Capacity: Keep your operations running longer with the Jackal's dual 6-gallon fuel tanks. Designed for extended work periods, this setup minimizes downtime and maximizes output, ensuring you can power through the day without frequent refueling stops.


Engineered for Safety: Experience unmatched stability and control with the Jackal's ultra-low center of gravity and compact design. Perfect for navigating through tight spaces and around obstacles, this machine provides a safe and confident operating environment, boosting your efficiency and reducing the risk of accidents.


Ergonomic Design for Less Fatigue
The Jackal values your comfort with a spacious, well-appointed operator platform. Equipped with suspension and padded cushions, it offers a smooth ride that reduces operator fatigue, enabling you to work comfortably for longer periods.


The Scag Jackal redefines performance in stand-on mini skid steers. Weighing 3,400 lbs, its powerful Kubota® D1305-E4B engine and dual hydraulic system deliver the strength needed for any landscaping, construction, or professional task. Experience the ultimate in power and efficiency with the Scag Jackal!


Intuitive Controls: Operate with precision and ease using the Jackal’s ergonomic joystick controls. Designed for intuitive use, these controls allow you to manage the machine effortlessly, focusing more on the task at hand and less on complicated operational procedures.


Robust and Ready:Outfitted with either a 34” or 40” wide bucket made from military-grade steel, the Jackal is built to tackle a variety of tasks with ease. Combined with a high lift capacity and powerful hydraulic system, it's prepared to handle demanding applications across different industries.


Customizable Track Widths: Flexibility is at the heart of the Jackal, offering adjustable 7” and 9” track widths to suit any terrain or task. This feature ensures low ground pressure and dependable traction, enhancing maneuverability and minimizing landscape disruption. The easy-change track system allows you to swiftly adapt to changing conditions, maintaining productivity without pause.


The Scag Jackal features two bright LED headlights, standard, so you can extend your workday into early mornings or late afternoons. Illuminate your path for peak efficiency and operation with the Scag Jackal!


Scag Cheetah II Zero Turn Riding Lawn Mower With  72-Inch Velocity Plus Cutter Deck And 37 HP Briggs Vanguard Big Block EFI
Scag Scag Cheetah II Zero Turn Riding Lawn Mower With 72-Inch Velocity Plus Cutter Deck And 37 HP Briggs Vanguard Big Block EFI $16,725.00
Imagine the sensation of effortlessly gliding across your expansive lawn, the fresh, clean scent of cut grass filling the air around you. Picture yourself behind the controls of the Scag Cheetah II Zero Turn Riding Lawn Mower, not just mowing a lawn, but commanding a high-performance machine designed to turn the mundane into the extraordinary. At the heart of this machine beats the 37 HP Briggs Vanguard™ BIG BLOCK™ EFI engine, a marvel of engineering that delivers unmatched power and efficiency. Feel the smoothness of its operation, a direct result of its V-Twin OHV Technology, which ensures superior balance, low vibration, and a whisper-quiet operation. Imagine the satisfaction of knowing that every turn, every maneuver, brings you closer to a perfectly manicured lawn, with the 72" Inch wide Velocity Plus™ Cutter Deck leaving nothing but the most precise cut in its wake. Visualize the expanse of your lawn, transformed as the 72" cutting width of the Velocity Plus™ Cutter Deck makes short work of the grass beneath, its unparalleled quality-of-cut and wide, even discharge painting your world in uniform shades of green. The ultra-tough cast-iron spindles, designed for durability and longevity, stand ready to face any challenge, their top-mounted grease fitting ensuring maintenance is never a burden. Feel the power at your fingertips as you engage the Hydro-Gear ZT-5400 Transaxles, propelling you to speeds of up to 16 mph. The world blurs slightly at the edges as you experience the exhilaration of speed and efficiency, your time spent mowing dramatically reduced, giving you back precious moments to spend as you wish. Now, imagine the comfort, the absolute ease as the Cheetah II Operator Suspension System cradles you, isolating you from the jarring effects of uneven terrain. Adjust the suspension from soft to firm, tailoring the ride to your personal preference, and feel the day's stress melt away as you float atop your domain, the seat’s 4-point, rubber iso-mounting absorbing every shock with grace. As you navigate your land, the Tiger Eye Advanced Monitoring System keeps you informed, its real-time data ensuring that you are always in control, always one step ahead. And with the convenience of a 12-volt outlet, your devices remain charged, ensuring you're always connected, even amid your escape. But why just imagine? The reality is just a decision away. The Scag Cheetah II is not just a mower; it's a promise of efficiency, comfort, and unparalleled performance. It's a commitment to yourself to enjoy the finer things in life, to take back your time and spend it on what truly matters. Choose the Scag Cheetah II today, and turn your vision into reality. Transform your landscape, transform your life, and save precious time.
Scag  Cheetah II Zero-Turn Riding Lawn Mower with 61-Inch Velocity Cutter Deck and 38 HP Kohler EFI and Suspension Seat
Scag Scag Cheetah II Zero-Turn Riding Lawn Mower with 61-Inch Velocity Cutter Deck and 38 HP Kohler EFI and Suspension Seat $15,925.00 $15,999.00
Elevate your landscaping game with the Scag Cheetah II Zero-Turn Riding Lawn Mower, a marvel of engineering designed for peak performance and unmatched comfort. Boasting a robust 61-Inch Velocity Cutter Deck powered by a 38 HP Kohler EFI engine, this mower is crafted for efficiency and speed, achieving up to 16 MPH in high range and a responsive 8 MPH in reverse. The groundbreaking operator suspension system guarantees a smooth ride over the toughest terrains, thanks to an adjustable coil-over shock and a luxuriously padded seat that minimizes vibration for ultimate comfort during long mowing sessions. The Cheetah II doesn’t just stop at comfort; it’s built for relentless durability and precision. With integrated hydro transaxles for reliable performance, pump-mounted fans to prolong hydraulic system life, and infinitely variable speed control, it’s designed to enhance your productivity. The exclusive "Quick-Fit" steering controls and the floating Velocity Plus cutter decks are engineered for any size operator, ensuring a custom fit and resilience against daily wear. Moreover, this mower is packed with features to streamline your mowing experience: from the height-of-cut foot pedal for quick adjustments to the oversized drive tires for superior traction and ease in curb climbing. The cutter deck is not only reinforced but also backed by a 3-year warranty, highlighting Scag's commitment to quality. And with up to a 13-gallon fuel capacity, extended cutting times are guaranteed, making your mowing sessions as efficient as they are comfortable. Choose the Scag Cheetah II for a mower that combines high-speed precision, unparalleled comfort, and rugged durability, transforming lawn maintenance into an effortless task. It's not just a mower; it's your partner in achieving the perfect landscape.
Scag Windstorm Zero-Turn Stand on Blower 37 HP Vanguard BIG BLOCK EFI | Gilford Hardware
Scag Scag Windstorm Zero-Turn Stand on Blower 37 HP Vanguard BIG BLOCK EFI - 6,000 CFM $13,381.00
Benefits Description Specification • Save Time AND Money the Scag Windstorm does the work of up to 6 people with conventional backpack blowers! • 180° Multi-directional air-output control at your fingertips • Huge Power: 37 hp Vanguard® BIG BLOCK™ EFI • Massive Air Output 6,000 / 7,500 CFM • Blow Debris, leaves, dirt, ice, and more with ease! • Two Year Warranty Included Scag Windstorm Zero-Turn Stand-On Blower: Unleash Power and Efficiency! Looking to elevate your lawn care game? Meet the Scag Windstorm Zero-Turn Stand-On Blower with its incredible 37 HP Vanguard Big Block EFI engine. This powerhouse will revolutionize the way you tackle debris, leaves, and more. Discover why it's a must-have for professionals and homeowners alike. Unmatched Power and Efficiency Massive 37 HP Engine: The Scag Windstorm boasts a 37 HP Vanguard Big Block EFI engine, guaranteeing robust and dependable performance. 6,000/7,500 CFM Airflow: With airflow rates reaching 6,000 CFM and peaking at 7,500 CFM, this blower outperforms traditional backpack blowers six times over, saving you time, labor, and money. Heavy-Duty Construction: Built with a 23" 8-blade impeller, this blower ensures worry-free operation and locks impellers securely with tapered locking hubs. Precision Control at Your Fingertips Nozzle Direction System (NDS): Enjoy effortless control with Scag's exclusive NDS, offering settings for Auto Left, Auto Right, and Fine Tune, providing 180 degrees of nozzle angle adjustment for tackling tough debris. Hydro-Gear Hydraulic Pumps: Experience precise maneuverability with independent wheel control, reducing pressure spikes and ensuring smooth operation. Comfort and Durability Operator-Friendly Design: The coil-suspension operator platform guarantees a comfortable ride, reducing fatigue during operation. Stable Platform: Thanks to two 24 x 9.5 - 12, Tubless 4-Ply drive tires and dual front caster wheels, you'll effortlessly navigate various terrains. Extended Operating Time: The Scag Windstorm comes equipped with a large 8-gallon gas tank constructed from durable and lightweight polyethylene, complete with a fuel gauge and cup holder for added convenience. Transportation Made Easy Secure Tie-Downs: With four-point tie-downs, moving the blower between locations is a breeze. Upgrade your lawn care equipment with the Scag Windstorm Zero-Turn Stand-On Blower and experience the benefits of unmatched power, efficiency, and precision. Perfect for clearing sidewalks, parking lots, fields, and more, it's the ultimate choice for golf courses, campgrounds, commercial properties, and landscapers. Plus, enjoy peace of mind with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty. Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your cleanups to the next level. Invest in the Scag Windstorm today and conquer debris with ease! SCAG WINDSTORM SPECIFICATIONS • Model WS23-37BV-EFI • Total Fuel Capacity:8 Gallons • Engine Briggs Vanguard™ BIG BLOCK™ – electronic fuel injection • Horsepower: 37 HP • CFM Output Effective: CFM – 6,000 • Theoretical Peak:CFM– 7,500 • Electric Clutch: Ogura GT3.5 (250 ft lb) with Softstart Electric Clutch Control • Frame Construction: All-steel, welded 10-gauge • Impeller Construction: All-steel, welded, 8-blade, dynamically balanced • Impeller Mounting:Tapered locking hub • Impeller Diameter:/ Width 23" / 8.5" • Blower Housing • Construction: All-steel, welded, 12-gauge front and side housing plate and 10-gauge back housing plate • Blower Housing Width:10" • Blower Tilt Angle: 16 degrees of total vertical tilt;180 degrees of left/right horizontal rotation • Handlebar: n/a • Vibration Control: n/a • Discharge Opening:69 square inches • Left / Right Discharge:Control Nozzle • Direction System offers up to 180 degrees of rotation. • Discharge Angle Control Yes – mechanical lever • Axle: n/a • Front Wheel:(s)13" x 5"-6", flat-free • Rear Wheels:24" x 9.5"-12", 4-ply • Accessories: Light Kit, Chrome Wheel Covers, Air Filter Monitor • Length: 71.5" • Width:51" • Height: 47.25" • Weight: 943 lb • Warranty 2-Year Commercial; 2-Year Residential; 90-day Rental
Scag Tiger Cat II Zero-Turn Riding Lawn Mower - 52
Scag Scag Tiger Cat II Zero-Turn Riding Lawn Mower - 52" Velocity Cutter Deck - 26 HP Kawasaki® FT Series EFI Engine $12,582.00 $12,999.99
Benefits Description Specification • Precision Cutting: The 52" Velocity Plus™ Cutter Deck ensures even and beautifully manicured grass, delivering precise cutting with every pass. • Powerful Engine: The 26 HP Kawasaki FT EFI Engine provides raw power and exceptional performance, allowing you to tackle tough mowing challenges effortlessly. • Enhanced Speed: With speeds of up to 12 MPH enabled by the Industrial-Grade Hydraulic System, you can efficiently cover more ground in less time, making mowing quick and convenient. • Durable Construction: The heavy-duty, single-tube, steel main-frame construction ensures the mower's longevity and durability, providing a reliable solution that will stand the test of time. • Low Maintenance: The Scag Tiger Cat II features a low-maintenance design, reducing the time and effort spent on repairs and maintenance tasks, allowing you to focus more on enjoying a pristine lawn. • Comfortable Ride: The torsion-spring suspension seat absorbs bumps and vibrations, offering unparalleled comfort during mowing sessions and minimizing backaches and fatigue. • Time-Saving Solution: By combining power, speed, and efficiency, the Scag Tiger Cat II helps you complete your lawn mowing tasks quickly, leaving you with more free time to enjoy other activities Discover the Power of the Scag Tiger Cat II Zero-Turn Riding Lawn Mower! Attention Homeowners and Professionals! Are you tired of spending hours toiling away in your yard, struggling with an underperforming mower that just can't keep up with your needs? Look no further! Introducing the Scag Tiger Cat II Zero-Turn Riding Lawn Mower, the ultimate solution for all your lawn mowing needs. Unleash the Beast of a Mower with the 52" Velocity Cutter Deck! Say goodbye to uneven and poorly cut grass. Our 52" Envy-of-the-industry Velocity Plus™ Cutter Deck is designed to deliver precision and speed, making mowing an effortless task. Experience the satisfaction of a beautifully manicured lawn with every pass. Power and Performance Combined with the 26 HP Kawasaki FT EFI Engine! Feel the raw power at your fingertips with our powerful 26 HP Kawasaki FT EFI Engine. This industry-leading engine ensures exceptional performance and reliability, allowing you to tackle even the toughest mowing challenges with ease. Say goodbye to frustrating breakdowns and hello to unstoppable performance. Conquer Your Lawn in Record Time with Speeds of up to 12 MPH! Time is precious, and we understand that. That's why our Scag Tiger Cat II comes equipped with an Industrial-Grade Hydraulic System that enables speeds of up to 12 MPH. No more wasting hours pushing a slow and inefficient mower. Get the job done quickly and efficiently, leaving you with more time to enjoy the things you love. Built to Last with Durable Construction and Low-Maintenance Design! Invest in a mower that will stand the test of time. The Scag Tiger Cat II features heavy-duty, single-tube, steel main-frame construction, ensuring durability and longevity. Additionally, our low-maintenance design means less time spent on repairs and more time spent enjoying a pristine lawn. Experience Unparalleled Comfort with Torsion-Spring Suspension Seat! Mowing your lawn shouldn't be a painful experience. Our Scag Tiger Cat II is equipped with a comfortable torsion-spring suspension seat that absorbs bumps and vibrations, providing a smooth and comfortable ride. Say goodbye to backaches and fatigue, and hello to enjoyable mowing sessions. Now that you've seen the amazing features of the Scag Tiger Cat II, imagine how it will transform your lawn mowing experience. No more struggling with subpar mowers or wasting time and energy. Our mower is designed to make your life easier and your lawn more beautiful. But we know that simply reading about our incredible mower isn't enough. You need to see it in action. That's why we invite you to visit Gilford Hardware to witness the power, performance, and comfort of the Scag Tiger Cat II Zero-Turn Riding Lawn Mower firsthand. Get ready to be blown away! SPECIFICATION Total Fuel Capacity: 9.5 gallons Drive Tires: 24" x 9.5"-12" Caster Tires: 13" x 6.5"-6", flat-free Seat: 4-point iso-mounted mid-back mounted on operator-suspension platform Drive System Type: Dual Pump and Motor Pumps: Hydro-Gear 12 cc Motors: Parker 14.5 ci Forward Ground Speed: 12 mph Reverse Ground Speed: 5 mph Parking Brake: Foot-operated pedal Cutting Width: 52" Type: Velocity Plus™ Cutting Height 1" to 5" in .25" increments Deck Lift: Adjustable foot-operated pedal Construction: Tri-plate cutter deck constructed of 3 steel plates totaling nearly 1/2" of steel. Reinforcement plates at cutter deck spindles. Spindles: Cast-iron housing with tapered roller bearings. Blade Engagement: Ogura GT3.5 (250 ft lb) Adjustable air-gap for extended life.