Scag OEM 3-Bag Spindle-Driven Grass Catcher with Installation Kit for Cheetah 61" and Tiger Cat 52" Mowers


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Scag OEM 3-Bag Spindle-Driven Grass Catcher with Installation Kit for Cheetah 61" and Tiger Cat 52" Mowers


Model Options



148 gallons

19.8 cubic feet


EACH WEIGHT: 35 lbs.





(Self-Adjusting Belt Idler)


The Scag OEM High-Capacity 3-Bag Spindle Driven Grass Catcher, featuring tough molded-plastic bottoms, safeguards your collection bags from curb and impact damage, ensuring durability even in tough conditions. Its steel grab handle simplifies bag emptying, making grass disposal quick and enhancing your mowing efficiency. This grass catcher combines resilience and convenience for a seamless and effective lawn maintenance experience.


The Scag OEM High-Capacity 3-Bag Spindle Driven Grass Catcher includes a durable metal debris screen inside the hood. Made from all-metal, it withstands debris impact, ensuring longevity and efficiency. Its flat design simplifies cleaning and maintenance, allowing for easy debris removal and optimal performance. This feature enhances the catcher's efficiency and durability, promising a smooth and effective grass collection while keeping your lawn pristine.


The Scag OEM High-Capacity 3-Bag Spindle Driven Grass Catcher comes with straightforward yet sturdy hood latches for a secure grass collecting experience. These latches ensure the hopper lid stays firmly closed, keeping the grass bags in place even on rough terrain. Easy to engage and disengage, even with gloves on, these latches offer convenience and reliability, allowing for smooth operation. With this grass catcher and its reliable latches, you can expect a seamless collection process and a well-kept lawn after every mow.


eliminates the need for an extra engine. This design reduces size, maintenance, and cost, while enhancing efficiency and quiet operation. Its durable 1/4" thick fan blades and upgraded cast-iron bearing housing ensure long-lasting performance and easy maintenance, offering a compact, efficient, and reliable solution.


The Scag OEM High-Capacity 3-Bag Spindle Driven Grass Catcher includes a front weight system with 35 lb counterweights to balance the rear-mounted catcher, ensuring stable operation. The accompanying 21.5 lb mounting bar secures these weights for efficient and seamless grass collection, enhancing stability and reliability.


The Scag OEM High-Capacity 3-Bag Spindle Driven Grass Catcher features a vertical blower design that increases your mower's width by only 8 1/2", optimizing efficiency. Its durable steel blower housing is designed to withstand uneven terrain, while the all-steel fan ensures lasting performance, making it an excellent choice for grass collection.


Scag Leaf & Debris Master Pack: Windstorm Stand-On Zero Turn Leaf Blower + Tow Behind Leaf Vacuum
Scag Scag Leaf & Debris Master Pack: Windstorm Stand-On Zero Turn Leaf Blower + Tow Behind Leaf Vacuum $23,469.00 $24,999.00
Benefits Description Specification Unmatched Efficiency and Speed The Scag Leaf & Debris Master Pack delivers unmatched efficiency and speed in debris cleanup. The powerful Windstorm Stand-On Zero Turn Leaf Blower can swiftly push large volumes of leaves and debris, while the Tow Behind Leaf Vacuum efficiently collects and processes them. This combination significantly reduces the time and labor required for debris management, allowing you to complete jobs faster and take on more projects, ultimately boosting your profitability. Superior Performance and Power Equipped with the 37 HP Vanguard Big Block EFI engine, the Windstorm Stand-On Blower provides exceptional power to tackle even the toughest cleanup tasks. The Tow Behind Leaf Vacuum, powered by a robust 29 HP Briggs & Stratton® Vanguard™ Big Block engine, ensures high suction capacity and reliable performance. Together, these machines deliver top-tier performance, making them the ultimate tools for professional landscapers and debris management businesses. Versatility and Adaptability The Scag Leaf & Debris Master Pack is designed for versatility and adaptability across various applications. The adjustable tongue and hitch on the Tow Behind Leaf Vacuum and the innovative design of the Windstorm blower make them suitable for diverse tasks and terrains. Whether you’re clearing leaves from residential properties, golf courses, campgrounds, or commercial areas, this package adapts to your needs, maximizing its utility and value for your business. Scag Leaf & Debris Master Pack: Windstorm Stand-On Zero Turn Leaf Blower + Tow Behind Leaf Vacuum The Ultimate Solution for Efficient and Profitable Debris Cleanup For the professional landscaper or business focused on maximizing efficiency and profits, the Scag Leaf & Debris Master Pack is the ultimate choice. This powerful combination—featuring the Scag Windstorm Stand-On Zero Turn Leaf Blower and the Scag Tow Behind Leaf Vacuum—is designed to revolutionize your debris cleanup operations. Cutting-Edge Features for Modern Needs In today’s fast-paced world, you need equipment that keeps up with modern demands. The Scag Tow Behind Truck Loader’s innovative features are designed with the latest advancements in mind. The large-capacity fuel tank with a built-in gauge, the powerful 29 HP Briggs & Stratton® Vanguard™ Big Block engine, and the easy-to-use controls all contribute to a machine that not only meets but exceeds industry standards. Embrace innovation and enhance your operational efficiency with this state-of-the-art loader. Versatile and Adaptable Whether you’re clearing leaves, debris, or other materials, the Scag Tow Behind Truck Loader is versatile enough to handle a wide range of applications. Its adjustable tongue and hitch, along with the robust intake nozzle, make it adaptable to various tasks and terrains. This versatility ensures that you can rely on the loader for multiple projects, maximizing its utility and value. Transform Your Work Experience Imagine the difference a powerful, reliable, and efficient truck loader can make in your daily operations. The Scag Tow Behind Truck Loader transforms your work experience, making tough jobs easier and more manageable. By reducing the time and effort needed to clear debris, it allows you to focus on other important tasks, ultimately increasing your overall productivity and job satisfaction. Ready for Immediate Use No need to wait—your Scag Tow Behind Truck Loader is ready for immediate deployment. With straightforward setup and easy-to-follow instructions, you can get your machine up and running quickly. Start experiencing the benefits right away and see how this powerful tool can revolutionize your workflow. Trusted Excellence in Outdoor Power Equipment With a legacy of excellence and a reputation for quality, Scag is your trusted partner in outdoor power equipment. The Tow Behind Truck Loader embodies the brand’s commitment to delivering top-tier products that stand the test of time. Trust in Scag’s expertise and make an investment that will pay off in reliability, performance, and efficiency for years to come. Elevate Your Cleanup Operations Take the next step in elevating your operations with the Scag Tow Behind Truck Loader. Contact us today to learn more about this exceptional machine and how it can transform your work. Don’t settle for less—choose Scag and experience the pinnacle of power and reliability in outdoor power equipment. Scag Windstorm Stand-On Zero Turn Leaf Blower The Scag Windstorm Zero-Turn Stand-On Blower, equipped with a 37 HP Vanguard Big Block EFI engine, takes your lawn care to the next level. This zero-turn stand-on blower makes short work of even the toughest debris and leaves. Its greater agility and control, thanks to its innovative stand-on design, make it a top pick for professionals and homeowners alike. Robust and Efficient Built with sturdy tubular steel construction and boasting a massive air output of 6,000 CFM, the Windstorm can rapidly and efficiently clear large amounts of debris. The Scag exclusive NDS (Nozzle Direction System) ensures ease of operation with its user-friendly control panel. Its straightforward construction guarantees years of dependable service. Superior Performance and Savings The Scag Windstorm Stand-On Blower is an excellent addition to your lawn care equipment, offering the power and efficiency needed to complete tasks quickly and effectively. It performs the work of up to four people using conventional backpack blowers, saving you time, labor, and money. Ideal for golf courses, campgrounds, commercial properties, and landscapers, the Windstorm takes cleanups to the next level. Best of all, it comes with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty. The Perfect Combination for Maximum Efficiency The Scag Leaf & Debris Master Pack is the perfect combination for maximizing efficiency and profits in your debris cleanup operations. Use the powerful Windstorm blower to push leaves and debris to the Tow Behind Leaf Vacuum for quick and easy removal. This seamless integration of equipment will revolutionize your workflow, making debris cleanup faster, easier, and more profitable. SCAG WINDSTORM SPECIFICATIONS • Model WS23-37BV-EFI • Total Fuel Capacity:8 Gallons • Engine Briggs Vanguard™ BIG BLOCK™ – electronic fuel injection • Horsepower: 37 HP • CFM Output Effective: CFM – 6,000 • Theoretical Peak:CFM– 7,500 • Electric Clutch: Ogura GT3.5 (250 ft lb) with Softstart Electric Clutch Control • Frame Construction: All-steel, welded 10-gauge • Impeller Construction: All-steel, welded, 8-blade, dynamically balanced • Impeller Mounting:Tapered locking hub • Impeller Diameter:/ Width 23" / 8.5" • Blower Housing • Construction: All-steel, welded, 12-gauge front and side housing plate and 10-gauge back housing plate • Blower Housing Width:10" • Blower Tilt Angle: 16 degrees of total vertical tilt;180 degrees of left/right horizontal rotation • Handlebar: n/a • Vibration Control: n/a • Discharge Opening:69 square inches • Left / Right Discharge:Control Nozzle • Direction System offers up to 180 degrees of rotation. • Discharge Angle Control Yes – mechanical lever • Axle: n/a • Front Wheel:(s)13" x 5"-6", flat-free • Rear Wheels:24" x 9.5"-12", 4-ply • Accessories: Light Kit, Chrome Wheel Covers, Air Filter Monitor • Length: 71.5" • Width:51" • Height: 47.25" • Weight: 943 lb • Warranty 2-Year Commercial; 2-Year Residential; 90-day Rental TL20W-29BV Briggs & Stratton® Vanguard™ BIG BLOCK™, V-Twin, electric start HP* 29 Fuel Capacity / Tank 5.5 gallons – plastic tank with built-in fuel CFM Output 4,680 Frame Construction All-steel, welded All-steel, welded Impeller Construction 4-blade, 3/8"-thick blades, all-steel, Impeller Mounting Tapered locking hub Tapered locking hub Impeller Diameter / Width 20" / 6.5" 20" / 6.5" Blower Housing Construction Removable back panel for easy impeller and wear plate access Blower Housing Width 7.5" Blower Housing Wear Plates Standard: 1/4"-steel, Intake Hose Specifications 120" length, 12"-diameter intake hose, 0.045 blue thermoplastic rubber, wire helix with wearstrip Unit Mounting Hitch: Class III minimum Hitch Discharge Tube Clear thermoplastic, 8" diameter, 60" length Throttle Control Commercial-grade, all-steel mechanicals, plastic debris cover Commercial-grade, Highway Ready** Yes – optional roadside package Yes – optional roadside package Axle Heavy-duty Dexter Torflex® axle (2,000 lb) Heavy-duty Tires 205 / 75 R15 highway tires with steel wheels Trailer Width 53.5" Accessories Light Kit, Roadside Kit Light Kit, Roadside Kit Height 110" Weight 1,060 lb Warranty 2-Year Commercial; 2-Year Non-Commercial; 90-Day Rental
Scag Cheetah II Zero Turn Riding Lawn Mower With  72-Inch Velocity Plus Cutter Deck And 37 HP Briggs Vanguard Big Block EFI
Scag Scag Cheetah II Zero Turn Riding Lawn Mower With 72-Inch Velocity Plus Cutter Deck And 37 HP Briggs Vanguard Big Block EFI $16,999.00 $17,224.99
Imagine the sensation of effortlessly gliding across your expansive lawn, the fresh, clean scent of cut grass filling the air around you. Picture yourself behind the controls of the Scag Cheetah II Zero Turn Riding Lawn Mower, not just mowing a lawn, but commanding a high-performance machine designed to turn the mundane into the extraordinary. At the heart of this machine beats the 37 HP Briggs Vanguard™ BIG BLOCK™ EFI engine, a marvel of engineering that delivers unmatched power and efficiency. Feel the smoothness of its operation, a direct result of its V-Twin OHV Technology, which ensures superior balance, low vibration, and a whisper-quiet operation. Imagine the satisfaction of knowing that every turn, every maneuver, brings you closer to a perfectly manicured lawn, with the 72" Inch wide Velocity Plus™ Cutter Deck leaving nothing but the most precise cut in its wake. Visualize the expanse of your lawn, transformed as the 72" cutting width of the Velocity Plus™ Cutter Deck makes short work of the grass beneath, its unparalleled quality-of-cut and wide, even discharge painting your world in uniform shades of green. The ultra-tough cast-iron spindles, designed for durability and longevity, stand ready to face any challenge, their top-mounted grease fitting ensuring maintenance is never a burden. Feel the power at your fingertips as you engage the Hydro-Gear ZT-5400 Transaxles, propelling you to speeds of up to 16 mph. The world blurs slightly at the edges as you experience the exhilaration of speed and efficiency, your time spent mowing dramatically reduced, giving you back precious moments to spend as you wish. Now, imagine the comfort, the absolute ease as the Cheetah II Operator Suspension System cradles you, isolating you from the jarring effects of uneven terrain. Adjust the suspension from soft to firm, tailoring the ride to your personal preference, and feel the day's stress melt away as you float atop your domain, the seat’s 4-point, rubber iso-mounting absorbing every shock with grace. As you navigate your land, the Tiger Eye Advanced Monitoring System keeps you informed, its real-time data ensuring that you are always in control, always one step ahead. And with the convenience of a 12-volt outlet, your devices remain charged, ensuring you're always connected, even amid your escape. But why just imagine? The reality is just a decision away. The Scag Cheetah II is not just a mower; it's a promise of efficiency, comfort, and unparalleled performance. It's a commitment to yourself to enjoy the finer things in life, to take back your time and spend it on what truly matters. Choose the Scag Cheetah II today, and turn your vision into reality. Transform your landscape, transform your life, and save precious time.
Scag Cheetah II Zero-Turn Riding Lawn Mower With 61-Inch Velocity Cutter Deck And 38 HP Kohler EFI - Blackout Edition
Scag Scag Cheetah II Zero-Turn Riding Lawn Mower With 61-Inch Velocity Cutter Deck And 38 HP Kohler EFI - Blackout Edition $16,399.00 $16,599.99
The Scag Cheetah II is the best in its class for large estate owners to the most demanding lawn care professionals for those who value quality, dependability, and power and demand the highest level of performance. The Scag Cheetah II is unmatched by its competition due to it's wide range of productive features, overall build quality Elevate Your Mowing Experience with the Scag Cheetah II Zero-Turn Riding Lawn Mower Blackout Edition - Outclass, Outperform, Outrun. Step into a world where speed, agility, and power are not just aspirations, but reality. The Cheetah II™ sets new benchmarks in mowing, and devouring tasks at unprecedented speeds, ensuring you stay ahead, always. Robust and Resilient Construction Solid Design for Years of Dependable Service Built to last, the Cheetah™ boasts a heavy-duty, double-tube steel main frame. Its wide stance and low center of gravity ensure ultimate stability, while the replaceable front caster-wheel weldment adds to its durability. Neighborhood Envy 61" or 72" Cutting Width Set new standards in your community with the Velocity Plus™ decks, renowned for their exceptional cut quality and uniform discharge. These decks are fortified with Scag’s ultra-tough cast-iron spindles, complete with tapered roller bearings and a specially designed grease fitting to prevent over-greasing. Unrivaled Engine Power and Efficiency Huge Power  Up to 38 HP Choose between a potent 38HP Kawasaki® or a 37HP Briggs Vanguard™ air-cooled engine with EFI options. For those preferring rear discharge, a 31HP Kawasaki FX engine is available. Stay Connected and Powered Keep your devices charged and ready with the convenient 12-volt outlet, perfect for plugging in small accessories or ensuring your phone remains fully charged. Advanced Monitoring with Tiger Eye Stay informed with the Tiger Eye™ Advanced Monitoring System. Depending on your chosen model and engine, this system provides real-time updates on vital system functions, directly from the operator’s seat. Cheetah II Operator Suspension System Unparalleled Comfort Adjust your ride from soft to firm with the five-setting Operator Suspension System. Designed to isolate you from rough terrain, it ensures unmatched comfort without compromising on cut quality. The coil-over shock and 4-point, rubber iso-mounting offer additional shock absorption, enhancing comfort for prolonged periods. Simplified Maintenance More Uptime The Cheetah™ is engineered for convenience with flip-up components and easily accessible grease Zerks, reducing maintenance time and maximizing job efficiency. High-Speed Hydro-Gear ZT-5400 Transaxles Speeds Up to 16 MPH! Choose your pace with the two-speed ZT-5400 transaxle. Low Range offers speeds up to 12 mph, while High Range can reach up to 16 mph. The internal pumps and motors ensure optimum speed, power, and torque, with a design that minimizes hoses and potential leaks. Ogura PTO Clutch Brake Strong, Adjustable Clutch for Long Life The Ogura GT5 PTO Clutch Brake delivers robust starting and stopping power for the cutter deck, with 350 ft. lb. of holding strength and an adjustable air gap for extended lifespan. Comprehensive Warranty Coverage 2-Year Commercial Machine Warranty Enjoy peace of mind with a two-year commercial warranty covering frame and structural components, including oil reservoirs, fittings, coolers, switches, clutches, pulleys, pumps, and wheel motors (excluding wear items). 3-Year or 500-Hour Non-Commercial Machine Warranty Benefit from a three-year or 500-hour (whichever comes first) warranty for non-commercial use, covering the same components and including parts and labor (excluding wear items).
Scag V-Ride II 26 HP Kawasaki FT EFI - 52
Scag Scag V-Ride II 26 HP Kawasaki FT EFI - 52" Velocity Cutter Deck & Spindle Driven Two Bag Grass Catcher $14,476.00
This Package Includes: (1) Scag V-Ride II 26 HP Kawasaki FT EFI - 52" Velocity Cutter Deck (1) Spindle Driven Two Bag Grass Catcher, & Installation* (FREE!) You Save: $300!  *3-5 Business days for Installation Elevate your landscaping business with the ultimate combination of efficiency, precision, and added value: the Scag V-Ride II 26 HP Kawasaki FT EFI with a 52" Velocity Cutter Deck, paired with a Spindle Driven Two Bag Grass Catcher. This powerhouse duo is not just a purchase; it's an investment in the future of your services, distinguishing your offerings with premium lawn care that goes beyond mere mowing. Unmatched Precision & PerformanceDiscover the zenith of lawn care technology. The Scag V-Ride II revolutionizes mowing with its 52-inch Velocity Plus™ Cutter Deck, designed for those who demand perfection. Navigate through tight spaces or cover large areas with ease, thanks to its high-velocity discharge that ensures a beautifully manicured cut at every turn. With the Scag V-Ride II, you're not just mowing; you're crafting landscapes. Ultimate Comfort & ControlStep onto the spacious operator platform and immerse yourself in a mowing experience that prioritizes your comfort. With an adjustable operator platform and an extra-large, thick cushion, reduce fatigue and increase productivity. Every feature, from the suspension spring to the ergonomic controls, is designed with your ease in mind. The Scag V-Ride II isn't just a tool; it's your partner in landscaping excellence. Powerful & Efficient Engine TechnologyAt the heart of the Scag V-Ride II lies the 26 HP Kawasaki® FT Series EFI engine. Tackle the toughest mowing conditions without a hitch, thanks to the Vortical Air Filtration system and Electronic Fuel Injection technology. Experience optimal power delivery and consistent blade speed, ensuring peak performance with less downtime. The Two Bag Grass Catcher: A Game-ChangerWhy settle for less when you can enhance your service with the Spindle Driven Two Bag Grass Catcher? This innovative addition allows you to bag grass clippings efficiently, leaving behind a pristine lawn that will be the envy of the neighborhood. Its compact design, durable construction, and easy-to-empty bags make it an indispensable tool for any professional landscaper. For Professional Landscapers: A Path to Differentiation Upsell and Added Value Services: Introduce grass bagging as a premium service. This not only differentiates your business but also justifies higher charges for the meticulous care and exceptional results you deliver. Better-Looking Lawn: Achieve a neater appearance immediately after mowing. Removing grass clippings means a clean, uniform look that appeals to clients who value pristine lawn conditions. Lawn Health: Prevent thatch buildup and reduce the risk of lawn diseases by removing damp, decomposing grass. Offer your clients the peace of mind that comes with knowing their lawn is in the best hands. Weed Control: Remove weed seeds effectively with each mow, preventing them from taking root and ensuring a weed-free lawn. Customer Satisfaction: Impress your clients with a clean and tidy appearance post-service, increasing customer satisfaction and encouraging repeat business and referrals. With the Scag V-Ride II and its Spindle Driven Two Bag Grass Catcher, you're not just investing in a mower; you're investing in the future of your landscaping business. Offer your clients the best in lawn care technology, efficiency, and added value services. Elevate your offerings and set your business apart with this unbeatable combination.