TERRO Multi-Surface Roach Baits 6-Pack.

TERRO Roach Bait, 6-Pack Available At Gilford Hardware & Outdoor Power Equipment

TERRO Multi-Surface Roach Baits 6-Pack.


✔️ Adhesive Strips Keep Baits In Place On Walls, Floors & Under Cabinet

✔️ See Through Lid to Monitor Bait Levels,

✔️ Vented for Increased Attraction Lay Flat or Adhere To Surfaces.


Do you have a roach problem and can't seem to figure out where to put your bait? You can place TERRO® Multi-Surface Roach Baits nearly anyplace! You may lay them flat or glue them to surfaces around your house thanks to the multi-surface application. Simply stick the ready-to-use bait stations on walls, under cabinets, and a number of other surfaces with the accompanying adhesive strips.