Tiki Clean Burn Torch Fuel Green 32 oz.

Tiki Torch Fuel Gilford Hardware
Tiki Clean Burn Torch Fuel Green 32 oz.


✔️ Burns Clean

✔️ Safe Alternative 

✔️Fuel Absorbs into Tiki Torch Wick


TIKI® Brand BiteFighter® Clean Burn™ Torch Fuel is the ultimate torch fuel offering proven mosquito repellency with dramatically less soot and smoke than traditional torch fuels. Stay outside longer with family and friends, but keep away uninvited guests who buzz and bite. Ideal for use with all TIKI® Brand torches and table torches, and now comes in an Easy Pour bottle for fewer spills and less mess. Enjoy up to 25 hours of burn time. One 64-ounce bottle can fill five 12-ounce torch fuel canisters.

  • Brand Name: Tiki
  • Oil Lamp Type: Clean Burn
  • Product Type: Torch Fuel
  • Color: Green
  • Container Size: 32 oz. Tiki patented technology. Clean burn fuel is a new safe alternative. Fuel absorbs in wick for large dancing flame. Fuel will not ignite without the wick.