2024 Scag Tiger Cat II: Comprehensive Pricing & Review

2024 Scag Tiger Cat II: Comprehensive Pricing & Review

2024 Scag Tiger Cat II: Comprehensive Pricing & Review


2024 Scag Tiger Cat II Ride On Zero Turn Lawn Mower. This compact, highly maneuverable machine is designed for stability and durability, featuring a full-length steel frame and a low center of gravity. Comfort is paramount with its adjustable torsion spring suspension seat, ensuring long hours of mowing are a breeze.

The Scag Tiger Cat II excels in performance with its advanced hydraulic drive system, offering zero-turn handling and smooth speed control up to 12 MPH. The rugged Velocity Plus Cutter Deck, available in various sizes, guarantees durability and a perfect cut every time, backed by a 3-year warranty.

Fuel efficiency is optimized with dual fuel tanks, and operational ease is ensured with an intuitive control panel and electric blade clutch. Safety is a priority, featuring a foldable Roll-Over Protective Structure and advanced monitoring systems.

In short, the 2024 Scag Tiger Cat II is not just a lawn mower; it's a long-term investment in efficiency, comfort, and unmatched lawn care quality.


Scag Power Equipment's journey, a proud division of Metalcraft of Mayville, Inc., since 1983, tells a tale of continuous innovation and growth. Born from a partnership in Mayville, Wisconsin, Scag® took a pivotal leap forward in 1986 with Metalcraft’s acquisition, setting the stage for an unprecedented expansion. From a humble gear-drive rider, Scag has blossomed into a global powerhouse with over 50 models. Today, Scag stands as a titan in the power equipment industry, known for its dedication to innovation, exceptional quality, and relentless pursuit of excellence. Each mower and tool is masterfully crafted, focusing on superior performance, ease of maintenance, and unmatched durability. With Scag, customers are not just buying a product; they're investing in efficiency, reliability, and a legacy of excellence that promises long-term profitability and unparalleled value.


Scag Tiger Cat Original

The Scag Tiger Cat, a hallmark in the world of zero-turn lawn mowers, first made its debut in the early 2000s, courtesy of Scag Outdoor Power Equipment. This original model laid the groundwork for what would eventually become the 2024 Scag Tiger Cat II, a testament to the company's commitment to innovation and quality. While the overall size of the mower has remained relatively consistent over the years, the transformation from the original Tiger Cat to the Tiger Cat II is a story of meticulous research, development, and a deep technical understanding.

Scag Outdoor Power Equipment has always placed a strong emphasis on rigorous testing and improvement. Every model undergoes extensive operational trials in specialized laboratories, equipped with sophisticated and computerized testing equipment. These facilities are overseen by a dedicated Test Engineering Team, ensuring that every mower and its individual components are thoroughly evaluated. This initial stage of testing allows for close monitoring of performance, identifying areas for potential enhancements.

Moreover, Scag doesn't limit its testing to just one environment. The company utilizes test facilities across North America, exposing their mowers to a variety of climates and grass types. This broad testing spectrum is crucial in understanding how their machines perform under different conditions, ensuring reliability and efficiency in any setting.

Listening to customer feedback is a cornerstone of Scag's philosophy. The company understands that meeting customer needs is vital, and they continuously incorporate this feedback into their development process. This customer-centric approach results in constant upgrades and improvements, even if they seem minor. It's this attention to detail that has kept Scag at the forefront of the commercial mower market.


Design and Comfort

The 2024 Scag Tiger Cat II stands out with its compact and maneuverable design, ensuring high productivity in various mowing scenarios. It boasts a low center of gravity, enhancing stability during operation. The mower's full-length steel frame provides exceptional structural integrity, ensuring durability and longevity.

For operator comfort, it features a torsion spring suspension seat, which is adjustable to the operator's weight. This 4-point iso-mounted seat customizes the mowing experience, providing unparalleled comfort during long working hours.

Performance and Control

Experience unmatched precision and control with our advanced hydraulic drive system. This masterpiece of engineering offers seamless zero-turn handling and is powered by state-of-the-art dual pumps and motors. You'll revel in the infinite speed control, propelling you up to a swift 12 MPH forward and a steady 5 MPH in reverse.

The cutter deck is not just a component; it's a testament to durability, featuring rugged cast-iron spindle assemblies. Rest easy knowing both the deck and spindles are backed by a 3-year warranty, a mark of unmatched reliability. The Velocity Plus Cutter deck's wide discharge chute and Turbo Baffle work in harmony, significantly enhancing the discharge pattern and velocity. Plus, adjusting the height-of-cut is a breeze, ranging from 1" to 5" in precise 1/4" increments, all controlled effortlessly with a foot pedal and deck latch lever.

Need to make quick adjustments? The 4-corner deck leveling is your ally, easily tweakable with just a turn of a bolt for on-the-spot in-field leveling.

Traction and Handling

The oversized drive tires offer greater traction and facilitate easier curb climbing. Complementing these are oversized pneumatic caster wheels, complete with tapered roller bearing pivots and axles, ensuring extended life and smooth handling.

Fuel Efficiency and Convenience

Fuel efficiency is a key feature, with large capacity dual fuel tanks offering over 9.5 gallons of capacity. The mower also includes a molded-in cup holder for added convenience.

Operational Ease

The steering control levers are standard and incorporate shock dampeners for smooth directional changes. The dual belt deck drive system enhances reliability, while spring-loaded belt tensioners eliminate the need for belt adjustments, thereby extending belt life.

An intuitive full control instrument panel simplifies operation. The electric blade clutch (250 ft. lb. Ogura GT3.5) allows for easy blade engagement and increased safety, with an adjustable air gap ensuring extended service life.

Monitoring and Safety Features

The Tiger Cat II is equipped with the Tiger Eye Advanced Monitoring System, which keeps track of crucial system and safety functions. This system includes an integrated hour meter and more. A 12-volt accessory outlet is available to charge devices like phones.

For maximum operator safety, the mower comes standard with a foldable Roll-Over Protective Structure (ROPS). A foot-operated parking brake, complemented by AUSCO disc brakes, allows the operator to apply the brake without removing their hands from the steering controls, enhancing both safety and convenience.

2024 Scag Tiger Cat II Lawn Mower Efficiency Chart

View Our Scag Lawn Mower Deck Size Efficiency Chart Here for a full Overview

Scag Tiger Cat II Velocity Plus Deck Options Gilford Hardware


The Velocity Plus Cutter Deck is Available on the 2024 Scag Tiger Cat II in 48", 52" and 61" Configurations

The 2024 Scag Tiger Cat II, armed with the Envy-Of-The-Landscaping Industry Velocity Plus Cutter Deck, stands as a paragon of engineering excellence in the world of zero-turn lawn mowers. The Velocity Plus™ cutter decks on Scag® zero-turns are a marvel of durability and efficiency, thanks to their Tri-Plate construction. Imagine the resilience: the top of the cutter deck at the spindle area is fortified with three steel plates, accumulating nearly half an inch of steel. This formidable construction is further reinforced with a support plate both above and below the spindle area, ensuring unparalleled strength and longevity.

What sets the Velocity Plus Tri-Plate decks apart is their remarkable attention to detail. They come equipped with up to nine anti-scalp rollers strategically placed in up to seven different locations. This ingenious design not only protects your lawn from scalping but also ensures an even, consistent cut, regardless of the terrain. The deck styles also boast a 3-year limited warranty, underscoring their reliability and quality.

But it's not just about robust construction. The Velocity Plus cutter deck is a symphony of precision and adaptability. It features a customizable front cutter deck baffle, allowing the deck to be finely tuned to varying cutting conditions. With up to seven different settings, this deck can masterfully handle anything from tall, wiry grass to the thickest, lushest turf. The settings range from 3-1/2" or 3-3/4" for tough-to-cut grass, to a factory setting of 4" and adjustments up to 5-1/4" for optimal leaf pickup and reduced deck blowout. This flexibility is a game-changer, especially for professionals who demand excellence in every cut.

The Velocity Plus cutter deck isn't just tough; it's smart. Its voluminous cutting chamber and extra-wide discharge opening ensure maximum discharge velocity, paired with a pristine cut. The front baffle chamber ingeniously positions the grass before it meets the cutter blades, ensuring a clean, professional finish even in challenging conditions. This design virtually eliminates stringers and minimizes flying debris and blowout, a testament to its sophisticated engineering.

Moreover, the replaceable trim-side wear pad is a thoughtful addition, protecting both the deck and the landscape from damage. And let's not forget the SCAG CAST IRON SPINDLES, a hallmark of Scag mowers. These spindles, with their cast-iron housing and tapered roller bearings, are stronger, more durable, and can handle significantly more load than traditional bearings. The large diameter, 1.125" hardened steel shaft is less prone to damage, ensuring the Velocity Plus Cutter Deck remains a reliable partner for years.

Scag Tiger Cat II Configurations Gilford Hardware

Model Description MSRP
STCII-48V-23CV 48" Velocity Plus™ Cutter Deck, 23 HP Kohler® Command PRO® $12,165
STCII-48V-22FX 48" Velocity Plus™ Cutter Deck, 22 HP Kawasaki® 691FX $12,299
STCII-52V-28BV-EFI 52" Velocity Plus™ Cutter Deck, 28 HP Briggs Vanguard™ 810 – electronic fuel injection $12,499
STCII-52V-26FT-EFI 52" Velocity Plus™ Cutter Deck, 26 HP Kawasaki® FT Series – electronic fuel injection $12,582
STCII-52V-25CV-EFI 52" Velocity Plus™ Cutter Deck, 25 HP Kohler® Command PRO® – electronic fuel injection $12,765
STCII-52V-23FX 52" Velocity Plus™ Cutter Deck, 23 HP Kawasaki® FX Series $12,832
STCII-61V-26FT-EFI 61" Velocity Plus™ Cutter Deck, 26 HP Kawasaki® FT Series – electronic fuel injection $12,832
STCII-61V-26CV-EFI 61" Velocity Plus™ Cutter Deck, 26 HP Kohler® Command PRO® – electronic fuel injection $13,165
STCII-61V-36BV 61" Velocity Plus™ Cutter Deck, 36 HP Briggs Vanguard™ BIG BLOCK™ $13,665

 NOTE: MSRP Prices are from 12/7/23 and are subject to change. Please contact Gilford Hardware & Outdoor Power Equipment for Availability, up-to-date pricing, promotional pricing, and financing options

2024 Scag Tiger Cat II Premium Engine Options


The 2024 Scag Tiger Cat II, redefines excellence in the heavy-duty commercial landscaping sector. It boasts a remarkable selection of elite engine options, designed specifically for the most intensive tasks. Choose from industry-leading engines by Kohler, Kawasaki, and Briggs & Stratton, each synonymous with power and steadfast dependability. These engines are built to endure the most strenuous, continuous usage, ensuring the Scag Tiger Cat II maintains optimal performance in even the most challenging environments. The Tiger Cat II transcends being just a mower; it's an essential, power-packed tool for professionals who demand the utmost in durability and performance in their landscaping toolkit.

The Scag Tiger Cat II Zero Turn Lawn Mower, when equipped with Kohler Command Pro engines, benefits significantly from the engines' renowned reliability and efficiency. These commercial-grade engines are designed to withstand the rigors of extensive, daily use, making them an ideal match for professionals who demand consistent, high-performance from their equipment. The Kohler Command Pro engines, available in 23 HP, 25 HP with electronic fuel injection (EFI), and 26 HP with EFI, offer extended maintenance intervals. This feature is particularly beneficial for professionals who work long hours, as it reduces downtime and maintenance costs. The integrated oil coolers in these engines play a crucial role in extending oil-change intervals. By maintaining lower temperatures across the entire power range, the engines operate more efficiently, further enhancing their longevity and reliability.

In addition to their robust construction, Kohler Command Pro engines are designed with features that ensure optimal performance in challenging conditions. The high-efficiency, heavy-duty air filters provide superior protection against debris, which is a common challenge in outdoor environments. This advanced filtration system not only safeguards the engine's internal components but also significantly extends service intervals, thereby minimizing maintenance needs. Moreover, the engines are equipped with extra-large sleeve bearings, which are specifically designed to support heavy loads in both commercial and industrial settings. This feature ensures that the Scag Tiger Cat II can handle demanding tasks with ease, offering unparalleled durability and performance. The combination of these cutting-edge features makes the Kohler Command Pro engines a powerful and reliable choice for powering the Scag Tiger Cat II, delivering unmatched efficiency and durability in lawn care.

The Scag Tiger Cat II, a highly respected zero-turn lawn mower, is elevated to new heights of efficiency and performance with the incorporation of Kawasaki FX and FT Series engines. Each series offers unique advantages, making them ideal choices for different mowing needs.

The Kawasaki FX Series engines, designed for commercial-grade power, are a perfect match for the Scag Tiger Cat II. These engines are known for their compact and efficient 90-degree, V-Twin design, which incorporates advanced overhead V-valve technology. This design not only ensures low emissions but also contributes to high power output and smooth operation, essential for tackling extensive mowing tasks. The FX series engines boast a high-performance lubrication system and electronic spark ignition, which together enhance engine longevity and reliability. Key features such as the automatic compression release and twin-barrel, internally vented carburetor with a fuel shut-off solenoid, make starting and running the engine more efficient. The inclusion of heavy-duty elements like the high-efficiency oil cooler (in selected models), rotating grass screen with metal guard, and heavy-duty, dual-stage canister air filter further underscore their suitability for demanding lawn maintenance tasks. These features, along with the durable cast-iron cylinder liners and spin-on oil filter, make the FX series a robust and dependable power source for the Scag Tiger Cat II, ensuring it can handle extensive, rugged mowing jobs with ease.

On the other hand, the Kawasaki FT Series engines bring a new level of innovation with their patented Vortical air filtration system. This system is specifically engineered to effectively filter out grass and debris, significantly reducing maintenance needs and enhancing the engine's durability. The FT series is characterized by a 90° V-twin design, high-efficiency centrifugal air intake system, and a pressurized lubrication system, all of which contribute to its robust performance. The dual-element air filtration with a reinforced filter and large, easy-to-access integrated clean-out ports make upkeep simpler and more efficient, a vital feature for commercial lawn care operations. The electronic spark ignition and automatic compression release ensure a smooth start, while the internally vented carburetor with fuel shut-off solenoid improves fuel efficiency. Like the FX series, the FT series also boasts cast-iron cylinder liners, underscoring its durability. These engines are specifically built to handle heavy loads, making them an excellent choice for the Scag Tiger Cat II when it's used in challenging, debris-rich environments. The combination of advanced filtration, ease of maintenance, and powerful performance makes the FT series an exceptional choice for those seeking a balance of power and practicality in their lawn care equipment.

Together, the Kawasaki FX and FT Series engines provide a spectrum of options for the Scag Tiger Cat II, ensuring that whether the focus is on raw power, durability, or advanced filtration and maintenance ease, there's an engine perfectly suited to meet the demands of any landscaping challenge.

Scag Tiger Cat II Briggs Vanguard™ Engines

The Briggs & Stratton® Vanguard® engines, particularly the 28 HP Briggs Vanguard™ 810 with electronic fuel injection and the 36 HP Briggs Vanguard™ BIG BLOCK™, offer significant benefits when used to power the Scag Tiger Cat II Zero turn lawn mower. These engines are designed for commercial-grade power, ensuring that the lawn mower operates at peak efficiency even under demanding conditions. The 28 HP Vanguard™ 810 engine, with its advanced electronic fuel injection, provides consistent power delivery, improved fuel efficiency, and easier starting in various weather conditions. This makes the Scag Tiger Cat II highly reliable and efficient for professional landscaping needs.

Moreover, the 36 HP Briggs Vanguard™ BIG BLOCK™ engine embodies robustness and durability, thanks to its impressive features like V-Twin OHV technology, Dura-Bore cast-iron cylinder sleeves, and full-pressure lubrication with a spin-on oil filter. This engine is engineered to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty use, ensuring longevity and reduced maintenance costs. The advanced debris management system and high-efficiency head design contribute to the engine’s overall performance and durability. These characteristics, combined with the dynamically balanced crankshaft and industrial-grade solenoid shift starter, make the Scag Tiger Cat II Zero turn lawn mower an excellent choice for commercial landscaping, offering unmatched power, reliability, and efficiency.

2024 Scag Tiger Cat II Technical Specifications

  Specification Tiger Cat
GENERAL Total Fuel Capacity 9.5 gallons
Drive Tires 24" x 9.5"-12" (48" and 52")

24" x 12"-12" (61")
Caster Tires 13" x 6.5"-6", flat-free
Seat 4-point iso-mounted mid-back mounted on operator-suspension platform
DRIVE SYSTEM Drive System Type Dual Pump and Motor
Pumps Hydro-Gear 12 cc
Motors Parker 14.5 ci
Forward Ground Speed 12 mph
Reverse Ground Speed 5 mph
Parking Brake Foot-operated pedal
DECK Cutting Widths 48", 52" and 61"
Type Velocity Plus™
Cutting Height 1" to 5" in .25" increments
Deck Lift Adjustable foot-operated pedal
Construction Tri-plate cutter deck constructed of 3 steel plates totaling nearly 1/2" of steel. Reinforcement plates at cutter deck spindles.
Spindles Cast-iron housing with tapered roller bearings.
Blade Engagement Ogura GT3.5 (250 ft lb)

Adjustable air-gap for extended life.


Scag Tiger Cat II Warranty

The 2024 Scag Tiger Cat II Zero Turn Lawn Mower is backed by a robust warranty program, reflecting Scag Power Equipment's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Key aspects of the warranty include:

  1. 2-Year Commercial Machine Warranty: Covers major components like the frame, oil reservoirs, hydraulic pumps, and more against manufacturing defects, including parts and labor for two years, excluding wear items.

  2. 3-Year Cutter Deck Spindle Warranty: For the heavy-duty cutter blade spindle in Velocity Plus™ and Advantage decks, there's a three-year warranty, covering parts and labor for the first two years and parts only in the third year, for both commercial and non-commercial use.

  3. 3-Year Cutter Deck Warranty: The Velocity Plus and Advantage decks are warranted against manufacturer's defects for three years, including parts and labor for the first two years and parts only for the third year.

  4. 3-Year or 500-Hour Non-Commercial Machine Warranty: For non-commercial users, the warranty covers frame and structural components for three years or 500 hours, whichever comes first, including parts and labor, but excluding wear items.

This warranty is valid from the date of purchase and is non-transferable, applying only to the original owner. It's important to note that the warranty doesn't cover wear items, misuse, abuse, or lack of maintenance. Scag differentiates between commercial and non-commercial use, with non-commercial defined as use on the owner's single residential property. Scag reserves the right to deny or void the warranty if the product is used commercially. For full details, customers should refer to the Limited Warranty Statement in the owner's manual or contact us


With over a decade of expertise as an authorized Sales & Service dealer for Scag Outdoor Power Equipment, I am proud to share my insights on the exceptional Scag Tiger Cat II. This model stands as a testament to Scag's commitment to quality, marking its entry into the higher-end tier of their Zero turn lawn mowers. While it may be the first commercial model in this category, it is by no means a step down from its larger counterpart, the Cheetah II.

The Scag Tiger Cat II has consistently been a top choice for a diverse range of customers, from homeowners to professional landscapers. Its robust and powerful design, coupled with the industry-envied quality of cut, sets it apart in the market. This mower is not just about performance; it's about delivering a mowing experience that is both dependable and enviable.

One of the most notable features of the Scag Tiger Cat II is its size and robustness, especially when compared to the Patriot. It is the first model in the lineup to boast the Velocity Plus cutter deck, a feature that truly bridges the gap between professional-grade and residential needs. Whether you're a homeowner with a sprawling lawn or a professional landscaper dealing with medium to large landscapes, the Tiger Cat II offers the speed, efficiency, and reliability that you need.

Maintenance and ease of use have been key considerations in the design of the Tiger Cat II, ensuring it is a practical choice for those who value longevity and hassle-free operation. It has earned its reputation as a best-seller in our range of Scag riding models, a title only recently surpassed by the formidable Scag Cheetah II (Black Out Edition).

In summary, if you're in search of a lawn mower that combines rugged durability, top-tier performance, and ease of use, the Scag Tiger Cat II is an unbeatable choice. It's more than just a mower; it's a long-term investment in the quality and appearance of your landscape.


Since 2019, the price of the SCAG Tiger Cat II lawn mower has gone up. It used to cost around the mid $9,000's but currently the 2024 is it's about $12,000. Even so, these mowers keep their value well, making them a smart choice if you're looking for a zero-turn mower. On the used market, you'll find different kinds of SCAG Tiger Cat IIs. The prices show how much they've gone up. This means if you bought one a few years ago, used it for your lawn, you could sell it later for nearly the same price you paid.


Routine Maintenance Tips

Scag Maintenance chart

Click here to View The 2024 Scag Tiger Cat II Manual 


Scag Tiger Cat II Accessories

Elevate your Scag Tiger Cat II zero-turn lawn mower to a new pinnacle of efficiency and productivity with the integration of three indispensable accessories: the HURRICANE PLUS™ MULCH SYSTEM, the High Capacity Clam-Shell Grass Catcher, and the High Capacity 3-Bag Grass Catcher.

Transform your mulching experience with the groundbreaking HURRICANE PLUS™ MULCH SYSTEM. Equipped with the innovative “Eye of the Hurricane” mulching plates, bolt-in baffles, and the unmatched Eliminator™ mulching blades, this system revolutionizes lawn care. It expertly chops and disperses grass clippings, thereby enriching your soil with vital nutrients and nurturing a healthier lawn. Not only does it eliminate the hassle of post-mowing cleanup, but it also contributes to environmental conservation by reducing organic waste. The serrated Eliminator blades, celebrated for their high lift and double-cut precision, expedite the mulching process, elevating your mowing performance to extraordinary heights.

The High Capacity Clam-Shell Grass Catcher is a game-changer in mowing efficiency, perfect for extensive or commercial landscapes. Its dump-from-seat feature significantly reduces downtime. With a spacious 12-bushel hopper and a powerful blower that finely chops debris, this catcher minimizes emptying intervals. Its all-steel blower assembly, notable for its compactness and low maintenance, ensures quieter operation, setting a new standard in grass catching. Enhanced with features like an automatic debris sweeper, a convenient dump lever, and a hopper prop rod, it stands as the epitome of productivity enhancement.

Similarly, the High Capacity 3-Bag Grass Catcher, with its impressive 16-bushel capacity, redefines efficiency. The cutter deck-powered all-steel blower eliminates the need for an extra engine, reducing both maintenance and noise. Its ingenious design guarantees finely chopped debris, optimizing storage space in each bag and minimizing pauses in your mowing routine. The catcher's robust design features hard bottoms, steel grab handles, and a front counterweight system for easy emptying, bag protection, and mower stability. Durability and performance are further bolstered by the metal debris screen and user-friendly hood latches. Its tool-free quick-pin system allows for effortless removal and reattachment, adding an extra layer of convenience.

In essence, the integration of the HURRICANE PLUS™ MULCH SYSTEM, High Capacity Clam-Shell Grass Catcher, and High Capacity 3-Bag Grass Catcher with your Scag Tiger Cat II is an investment in unparalleled productivity and efficiency. These accessories are not just tools; they are game-changers for professional landscapers and large property owners, offering a combination of time-saving features, enhanced mower efficiency, and a commitment to healthier, more vibrant lawns.


In this comprehensive review of the 2024 Scag Tiger Cat II, we've explored the mower from various angles – its design, performance, technological advancements, and the value it offers. Scag has once again demonstrated its commitment to excellence with this model, a blend of high efficiency, robust performance, and user-focused design.

The Ultimate Mowing Experience: The 2024 Scag Tiger Cat II is more than just a lawn mower; it's a finely-tuned instrument of lawn care. Its innovative features, like the Velocity Plus Cutter Deck, high-performance engines, and intuitive controls, make it a top choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike. The mower's combination of speed, power, and precision ensures that every job is completed with the utmost efficiency and the highest quality of cut.

Long-Term Investment: When considering its durability, low maintenance requirements, and exceptional warranty, the Scag Tiger Cat II is not just a purchase but an investment. Its value retention in the used market also speaks volumes about its long-lasting appeal and reliability. This lawn mower is designed to be a workhorse for years, delivering consistent and outstanding performance throughout its lifespan.

A Testament to Scag's Legacy: This model is a testament to Scag's legacy in the lawn care industry – a legacy built on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. The company's dedication to incorporating customer feedback and rigorous testing in diverse environments ensures that each model, including the Tiger Cat II, meets the high standards expected by its users.

Conclusion: Whether you are a professional landscaper requiring a reliable, high-performance mower or a homeowner seeking efficiency and precision in lawn care, the 2024 Scag Tiger Cat II offers a compelling package. It stands as a pinnacle of lawn care technology, promising to elevate your lawn game to new heights. With its exceptional blend of power, durability, and ease of use, the Scag Tiger Cat II is undoubtedly a wise choice for anyone serious about lawn maintenance.

Discover the unparalleled performance of the Scag Tiger Cat II Zero Turn Lawn Mower through this insightful article! For those in the New England area seeking the ultimate lawn care solution, Gilford Hardware & Outdoor Power Equipment is your ideal destination. As an authorized Scag Outdoor Power Equipment Sales and Service Dealership, located in the tax-free haven of Gilford, New Hampshire, we offer not only exceptional products but also unmatched expertise and customer service. Make your lawn care experience transformative with us!

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