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Discover the Power of Honda HSS928ATD Snow Blower in the New England Winter

Discover the Power of Honda HSS928ATD Snow Blower in the New England Winter - Gilford Hardware & Outdoor Power Equipment
If you are looking for a Snow Blower that will Conquer the harsh New England Winter and clear snow from your driveways, walkways, patios and more. A snow blower that will run, and do it's job year-after-year with minimal service or maintenance and give you years of hassle free snow blowing the Honda HSS928ATD is the snow blower you need now! 
Honda HSS928ATD Snow Blower Gilford Hardware

Benefits of Honda HSS928ATD Snow Blower

Heavy-Duty Auger to Clear Snow Quickly and Easily

The HSS928ATD has a heavy-duty auger that makes it easy to clear snow quickly. The auger is made of high-quality materials that will make it last for many years. The snow blowers made by Honda have heavy-duty, serrated augers that can break through ice. The auger shaft is supported by bearings to make it work better and last longer.
Protection system for the auger

The HSS928's auger drive shaft and blower impeller are protected by offset shear bolts that are easy to change. If the auger hits something solid, the shear bolt will break to protect the auger or the impeller shaft.
User-Friendly Features and Controls

Auger Height Control: HSS928ATD Snow Blower

Honda made your life easier by adding a pneumatic gas strut to the HSS928ATD. This makes changing the height of the auger housing simpler and more accurate for the user. This makes it easy to change the auger's height depending on the situation. If your driveway is dirt or gravel, raise the auger so it doesn't dig into the ground. If you are trying to get ice and snow out of a hard-to-reach place, lowering the auger gives you more leverage.

Robust and Reliable Engine

This is what Honda is known world wide for, their unbeatable engines. The HSS928ATD has a strong engine that gives you the power you need to get through even the deepest snow drifts. The engine works well and is made to start easily even when it's cold outside. The HSS928ATD has a strong, easy-to-start motor. Honda GX engine The Honda GX270's OHV engine is made for commercial use and has enough power to push through snow. Even when it's cold, it's easy to start.

Superior Traction: Honda HSS928 Track Drive 

The HSS928ATD features a rugged and durable Track Drive that is built to grip well on surfaces that are wet or slick with ice. This makes it easier to move the machine, even in the worst weather conditions of winter. Track drive gives you the best grip and control you can get.

With dual track drive, you can get a lot of traction in most snowy conditions. Rubber tracks that are flexible at low temperatures and have cleats that grip well for good traction and balance. Ideal for complete control on slopes, uneven or rough terrain, and icy roads. Gives a stable place to attack snow and ice that has been packed down. Bringing your Honda HSS928ATD Snow Blower up or down deck or patio stairs, or putting it in the back of a truck or trailer has never been easier! 

Simple and Easy Turn-Key Electric Starting

Never again will you have to worry about pulling to start your snowblower. The Honda HSS928ATD comes with a turn-key electric start. Unlike it's competitors the HSS928ATD comes built with an on-board battery which doesn't require charging or plugging in. This allows you to simply walk over to your snow blower, turn the fuel on, turn the key and you are ready to blow! Don't worry the HSS928ATD comes equipped with a recoil backup, just incase you need it. It's important to note that we've sold Honda Snow Blowers for over 10 years and very rarely will it ever require you to use the recoil start! 

Adjustable Hydrostatic Transmission

The Honda HSS928ATD features an adjustable controlled hydrostatic transmission allowing you to blow snow and move at your own pace. With Honda's hydrostatic transmission, it's easy to control how fast the Snow blower moves forward or backward.Since the speed can be changed indefinitely, it's easy to choose a speed that fits your needs and the snow conditions. There is no shifting, and the speed of the ground doesn't change how fast the auger turns. It's easy to control and doesn't need much maintenance compared to typical belt drive transmissions.

 Throw Snow up to 52 ft" and Clears up to 1,900 lbs per min. 

The Honda HSS928ATD comes with a joystick controlled articulated chute which lets you decide the exact placement of snow easily.  The HSS928ATD's chute turning radius of 198 degrees allows you to shoot the snow out of the chute in all forward directions. It also allows you to raise or lower the top of the chute for even more precise snow throwing. All of this combined with the fact the HSS928ATD will throw snow as far as 52" and clear up to 1,900 pounds of snow per minute makes it a breeze to clear large amounts of snow. 

Warranty & Service

 This is the main point which cannot be overstated enough. The Honda HSS928ATD comes with a 3-year warranty. This means you have peace of mind with your purchase that the HSS928ATD will give you at the bare minimum 3-years of outstanding snow blowing. At the maximum we have seen Honda Snow Blowers from the early 00's which are still running, and blowing snow with very little maintenance or service needed. Unlike the big-box stores and competitors Honda offers a 3-year warranty for a reason, because they make reliable, quality Outdoor Power Equipment that improves life.  


How the Honda HSS928ATD Stands Out from the Competition

We'll be frank with you, when shopping for Honda Snow Blowers you will notice the price can be a little intimidating.  The Honda HSS928ATD is a "buy once and cry once" piece of outdoor power equipment. You get what you pay for and more with the Honda HSS928ATD.  It's been one of the most popular and well-reviewed and liked snow blowers on the market for a very long time. Between the durability, power, and well known Honda reliability and easy-starting engine the HSS928ATD is a snow throwing machine you can use year after year. 

We've talked to many customers who made the mistake of purchasing a different brand of snow blower that they were unhappy with.  When you purchase a HSS928ATD you don't have that buyers remorse because you know that it's a quality, well built product which comes with a 3-Year warranty and if something does go wrong, you know you are covered and you have somewhere to bring it. 

How to Take Care of a Honda HSS928ATD Snow Blower

Tips for Regular Maintenance

1.) Use Ethanol free gas - This prevents the HSS928ATD's carburetor from becoming gummed up or soiled during periods of storage. 

2.) Always check your auger and shear pins before and after running the HSS928ATD. They are easy to replace when broken and are available at most Honda Outdoor Power Equipment dealers

3.) There is no air filter - We've had customers call us looking to replace the air filter - The Honda HSS928ATD doesn't need one

4.) Check and Change Hydrostatic and engine oil often - Please read your owners manual or bring it to an authorized Honda Outdoor Power Equipment Dealer

5.) Check Skid shoes and Cutting blade for wear and flip skid shoes or replace cutting blade if necessary. 

Wrap up - The Honda HSS928ATD Snow Blower

Overall the Honda HSS928ATD Snow Blower is a great choice for those of you who need a reliable, powerful, and trustworthy snow blower which will give you years upon years of use. The overall build and durability is unmatched and there is a reason why we sell many of these units a year. If you are looking for a Honda HSS928ATD snow blower Gilford Hardware & Outdoor Power Equipment can help! 


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