Quikrete HardScapes White Marble Chips 0.5 cu ft 50 lb. | Gilford Hardware
Sakrete Quikrete HardScapes White Marble Chips 0.5 cu ft 50 lb. $7.59 $9.99
Quikrete HardScapes White Marble Chips 0.5 cu ft 50 lb • Benefits • • Description • • Specification • • Controls erosion and provides a stylish accented look to any area • Great for gardens, walkways, and patios • Multi-use ornamental purposes, to prevent degradation, and to manage erosion • UV resistant bag, 50 lb. Decorative Mable stone that will is a great choice for accents and erosion control in your garden, patio, or walkways.These marble chips have been graded for aesthetic purposes, resistance against degradation, and erosion management. Marble chips are fantastic for preventing erosion, fending off deterioration, and just adding beauty to any landscaping project. With multilingual product text and a quantity calculator, heavy duty UV resistant bag. Brand Name: Quikrete Sub Brand: HardScapes Color: White Product Type: Decorative Stone Bag Capacity/Dry Volume: 0.5 cu ft Bag Weight: 50 lb Packaging Type: Bagged Rock Size: Medium
Sakrete Tube Sand 70 lb.  | Gilford Hardware
Sakrete Sakrete Tube Sand 70 lb. $9.99
Sakrete Tube Sand 70 lb.  • Benefits • • Description • • Specification • ✔ Multi-Purpose Tube Sand ✔ Re-sealable easy to use bag ✔ Use for extra traction or weight this winter! Sakrete Tube Sand 70 lb. is what you need for this New England Winter. Its large 70 lb. bags make it a great choice to open and dump on those icy spots for extra traction or throw in the back of your vehicle for extra weight traction. Sakrete Tube Sand can also be used as ballast for holding down goalposts, backboards, or other outdoor objects. The Gritty traction sand is in a durable, re-sealable bag, easy-to-use even during bad weather. Brand: Sakrete Product Type: Traction Sand Size: 70 lb.