TERMINIX Fly Ribbon 4-Pack | Fly Ribbon | Gilford Hardware
Terminix TERMINIX Fly Ribbon 4-Pack $1.99
TERMINIX Fly Ribbon 4-Pack Benefits ✔️ Baits Flies with Scent ✔️ Indoor & Outdoor Use ✔️ Non-toxic Description Terminix, 4 Pack, Fly Ribbon, Specially Formulated & Scented, Great For Both Outdoors & Indoors, Disposable, Easy To Use, Non-Toxic, Tubes Measures 1.5" x 25".
TERMINIX Fly Stick | Insect Killer | Gilford Hardware
Terminix TERMINIX Fly Stick $4.49
TERMINIX Moth Trap, 4-Pack. Benefits ✔️ Catches over 100 types of flies ✔️ Glue won't melt in heat ✔️ 2-5 drops of attractant Description Terminix, fly stick, multi-attractant, long-lasting, indoor & outdoor use, catch over 100 types of flies, replace stick when 80% is covered with insects, glue won't run in hot weather, for indoor use: drip 1-2 drops of multi-bait fly attractant onto gold surface, for outdoor use: drip 2-5 drops of multi-bait fly attractant onto gold surface. Specification Multi-Attractant Long-Lasting Indoor And Outdoor Use Catch Over 100s Of Flies Replace Stick When 80% Is Covered With Insects Glue Won't Run In Hot Weather For Indoor Use: Drip 1-2 Drops Of Multi-Bait Fly Attractant Onto Surfaces For Outdoor Use: Drip 2-5 Drops Of Multi Bait Fly Attractant Onto Surfaces
TERMINIX Fly Trap Ribbon 10-Pack | Fly Ribbon | Gilford Hardware
Terminix TERMINIX Fly Trap Ribbon 10-Pack $3.99
TERMINIX Fly Trap Ribbon 10-Pack Benefits ✔️ Attracts Flies  ✔️ Great for Interior and Exterior Use ✔️ 10-Pack Description Terminix, 10 pack, fly ribbon, specially formulated & scented, great for both outdoors & indoors, tubes measures 1.5" x 25". Specification Specially Formulated And Scented Great For Both Indoors And Outdoors Tubes Measure 1.5" x 25"
TERMINIX Moth Trap 4-Pack. | Insect Control | Gilford Hardware
Terminix TERMINIX Moth Trap 4-Pack. $10.99
TERMINIX Moth Trap 4-Pack. Benefits ✔️ Non-Toxic ✔️ Family Safe ✔️ Easy-to-use Description Terminix, 4 pack, pest moth trap, non-toxic & family safe, great for common flour & grain moths, also works for many other types of moths, pre-baited adhesive, moth attractant included. Specification Non Toxic And Family Safe Great For Common Flour And Grain Moths Works Well With Many Other Types Of Moths Pre-Baited Adhesive Moth Attractant Included