Safer Deer Off Repellent Station Stakes 6-Pack. | Gilford Hardware
Safer Safer Deer Off Repellent Station Stakes 6-Pack. $19.99 $20.99
Safer Deer Off Repellent Station Stakes 6-Pack. • Benefits • • Description • • Specification • • Keeps Deer AWAY! • 100% dried blood triggers flight mechanism in deer • Totally Safe for Humans & Animals • Protects up to 192 sq. ft. Safer Deer Off Repellent Station Stakes 6-Pack. Weatherproof Deer Off Deer Repelling Stations are designed to keep deer out of your yard. The odor is similar to that of a dead or rotting animal, which causes the deer to flee and teach them to stay away. The strong smell deterrent can be detected by deer's acute senses, but it is odorless to humans. The stations are ready to use and come with 6 stations and 6 stakes to conveniently stake your repellent into the ground. You can also hang stations from fencing or low-lying shrub or place them in a flowerpot or flowerbed. For best results, places stations no higher than 2 feet above ground level and no more than 4-6 feet apart. One 6 pack covers up to 192 sq ft for up to 90 days. Brand Name: Safer Sub Brand: Deer Off Product Type: Repellent Station Product Form: Stake Animal Type: Deer Container Size: 6 pk Packaging Type: Clamshell Treatment Coverage Area: 192 sq. ft. Indoor or Outdoor: Outdoor Safe for Pets: Yes Active Ingredient: Dried Blood, Dried Blood Application Frequency: Seasonally Safe for Edibles: Yes Ready to Use: Yes Number in Package: 6 pack
Victor Sonic Spike Repellent For Gophers and Moles 2-Pack. | Gilford Hardware
Victor Victor Sonic Spike Repellent For Gophers and Moles 2-Pack. $32.99
Victor Sonic Spike Repellent For Gophers and Moles 2-Pack. • Benefits • • Description • • Specification • ✔ Sonic frequencies effectively deter moles and gophers. ✔ Every 30 seconds, sonic pulses penetrate the earth. ✔ When used as recommended, it operates in a circular pattern with a diameter of roughly 95 feet. ✔ 3 "D" batteries (not provided) are required for each spike; rechargeable batteries are not advised. This easy-to-use mole and gopher spike can safely send moles and gophers scurrying away from your yard. Sonic pulses penetrate the soil when inserted in the ground and triggered, creating a sound that is particularly unpleasant to moles and gophers, who are almost blind and overly sensitive to sound and vibrations. If the weather permits, leave the sonic mole and gopher repellent in place to deter future generations of pests. How to Use To open, unscrew YELLOW cap counter-clockwise. Remove battery cartridge and insert 3 "D" cell batteries. Re-insert the battery cartridge into the Spike. If battery installation is correct, you will hear the first vibrating sound within 15 seconds. Tighten the cap securely to keep moisture out. Use a wooden or steel rod to make pilot holes prior to inserting the Mole & Gopher Sonic Spikes™. To prevent damage, do not hammer the Spike into the ground. Insert Spike until the bottom of the cap begins touching the ground. Insert Spike all the way into the ground. This will prevent the chance of hitting it with a lawnmower. Be certain to insert the Spike so that the cap is flush with the ground. If it protrudes an inch or two it could be a tripping hazard. Remember where the Spike is located so it may be removed for battery replacement. Remove Sonic Spike™ when flooding may occur or before ground freezes. Brand Name: Victor Sub Brand: Sonic Spike Product Type: Sonic Spike Repeller Pest Type: Gophers and Moles Indoor or Outdoor: Outdoor Treatment Coverage Area: 15000 sq ft Requires 3 "D" batteries (not included)
D-Con Refillable Rat and Mice Bait Station 12-Pack. | Gilford Hardware
D-CON® D-Con Refillable Rat and Mice Bait Station 12-Pack. $22.99
D-Con Refillable Rat and Mice Bait Station 12-Pack.   Benefits ✔️ d-Con bait is guaranteed to kill and aids in the control of house rats and mice. ✔️ When used as indicated, it is safe to use near children, and pets ✔️ It can be utilized both inside and outside the house, as well as in garages. Description If you have rat droppings, footprints, gnawing, or scampering noises in your walls, this D-Con Refillable Rat and Mice Bait Station 12-Pack. is a good option. This is our safest rat bait station, and it's impervious to child manipulation. Its two-point entry allows rats to enter the station, eat the bait, and then exit — allowing you to set it and forget it. This refillable bait station may be utilized in small spaces around the house and comes with 12 refills. The bait’s formula does not contain neurotoxins or anti-coagulants. It is safe to use around children when used as directed. How to Use 1. Remove the bait station from the carton.2. Locate the 4 latches on top of the station.3. With the thumb of one hand push down on the outer latch while simultaneously squeezing the other latches and pulling lid upwards with the other hand.4. Wearing gloves, fill the station by placing up to 6 blocks on the steel rods inside the station.5. Close the station by firmly pushing the window down until latches click into place. The bait station is securely closed when all 4 clips have snapped back into place.6. Place bait station along walls or in corners out of reach of pets with entrance holes exposed. Specification Brand Name: D-Con Product Type: Bait Station Product Form: Blocks Animal Type: Mice and Rats Packaging Type: Boxed Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor and Outdoor Ready to Use: Yes Safe for Pets: No Effective against Norway and Roof Rats *Includes 12 bait blocks
Tomcat Bait Worms For Moles 10-Pack | Gilford Hardware
Tomcat Tomcat Bait Worms For Moles 10-Pack. $20.99 $23.99
Tomcat Bait Worms For Moles 10-Pack. The Tomcat Mole Killer(a) is scientifically designed and tested to mimic a mole’s+ natural food source. Moles+ may consume a lethal dose in a single feeding, but it may take 2 or more days from the time of bait consumption for moles to die. +Not for use against the star-nosed mole in NC. Not for sale in HI or NY. Brand Name: Tomcat Product Type: Bait Product Form: Worms Animal Type: Moles Number in Package: 10 pk Indoor or Outdoor: Outdoor Safe for Pets: No Trap Type: Glue Trap
Bonide MoleMax Repellent For Moles and Voles 10 lb. | Gilford Hardware
Bonide Bonide MoleMax Repellent Granules For Moles and Voles 10 lb. $24.99 $25.99
Bonide MoleMax Repellent Granules For Moles and Voles 10 lb. • Benefits • • Description • • Specification • ✔️ Lasts 3 Months ✔️ Easy To Apply ✔️ Repels a large variety of rodents.   Bonide MoleMax repels moles, voles, gophers, rabbits, and other listed rodents. Lasts up to 3 months, when used as directed. It penetrates deep into the soil where animals burrow for maximum efficacy. Brand Name: Bonide Sub Brand: MoleMax Product Type: Animal Repellent Product Form: Granules Animal Type: Moles and Voles Container Size: 10 lb. Effectiveness Duration: 3 month Indoor or Outdoor: Outdoor Packaging Type: Bagged Treatment Coverage Area: 5000 sq. ft. Safe for Edibles: Yes Safe for Pets: Yes Ready to Use: Yes
Victor Quick Strike Toxic Gasser Fog For Gophers and Moles 4-Pack. | Gilford Hardware
Victor Victor Quick Strike Toxic Gasser Fog For Gophers and Moles 4-Pack. $12.99 $13.99
Victor Quick Strike Toxic Gasser Fog For Gophers and Moles 4-Pack. • Benefits • • Description • • Specification • • Kills ground squirrels, skunks, Norway rats, woodchucks, moles, and gophers • Self-ignition feature No lighter is necessary to start • Lights at all times that are weatherproof and waterproof • Long burn times guarantee effective pest control • Use in active tunnels and burrows underground Are you tired of nuisance animals digging up your lawn and destroying your yard? Victor Quick-Strike Mole and Gopher Gasser is here to help! Quick-Strike is designed to kill several problematic pests, including moles, gophers, woodchucks, Norway rats, skunks and ground squirrels. The compact size allows for easy placement in underground tunnels where many of these pests live. Plus, this pack includes four gasser sticks to eliminate your problem in no time. Best of all, Victor Quick-Strike Mole and Gopher Gasser is incredibly easy to use. It has a self-ignition feature, meaning no lighter is necessary to start, and it lights every time! To use, simply ignite the stick by striking it like a match, then place it in active tunnels. It will produce a toxic gas, which then travels through the underground tunnels, quickly killing the pests. For added effectiveness, this gasser burns twice as long as comparable products, so you can be sure your pest problem is resolved. In addition, the gasser stick will light every time because it’s waterproof and windproof, allowing it to stand up to the elements so you can protect your lawn in any weather. Victor® Quick-Strike™ Mole & Gopher Gasser Model # M6004 Includes 4 gasser sticks Kill Method Fumigation Effective Against Moles Pocket Gophers Woodchucks Norway Rats Skunks Ground Squirrels Where to Use Inside active tunnels and burrows Brand Name: Victor Sub Brand: Quick Strike Toxic or Non-Toxic: Toxic Product Type: Gasser Product Form: Fog Animal Type: Gophers and Moles Number in Package: 4 pk Packaging Type: Carded Indoor or Outdoor: Outdoor Safe for Pets: No All-Weather: Yes