Pro-Mix Professional Growing Medium: Boost Your Plant Growth (3.8 ft³)  | Gilford Hardware
Pro-Mix Pro-Mix Professional Growing Medium 3.8 ft³ $51.99
Pro-Mix Professional Growing Medium • Benefits • • Description • • Specification • • Grow Strong and Healthy Plants with Pro-Mix • Ideal for hydroponic and in-ground cultivation • It has a mycorrhizae growth promoter in it. • Trusted by Professional Growers High-Quality Growing Medium As a gardener, you understand that soil quality is paramount when it comes to healthy plant growth. Pro-Mix Professional Growing Medium 3.8 ft³ is an exceptional choice for your garden. This growing medium is created with the highest quality ingredients and is designed to provide plants with the ideal conditions for growth. With a balanced pH, this growing medium ensures that your plants have access to the essential nutrients they need to thrive. Easy to Use Pro-Mix Professional Growing Medium 3.8 ft³ is easy to use and is suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether you're planting flowers, vegetables, or herbs, this growing medium is a perfect choice. The lightweight and well-draining mix allows for easy handling, and its consistent texture ensures that every plant receives the same level of care. Simply add water and start planting. Exceptional Yield One of the standout features of Pro-Mix Professional Growing Medium 3.8 ft³ is its ability to produce exceptional yields. This growing medium provides the perfect balance of water retention and aeration, allowing roots to grow and absorb nutrients efficiently. With its high porosity, Pro-Mix Professional Growing Medium 3.8 ft³ promotes healthy root growth, which leads to strong and vibrant plants. Expect higher yields and healthier plants with Pro-Mix Professional Growing Medium 3.8 ft³. Brand Name: Pro-Mix Sub Brand: BX Organic: No Ideal for Growing: All Purpose Product Type: Growing Mix Bag Capacity/Dry Volume: 60 lb Contains Fertilizer: No Primary Usage: All-purpose Soil Type: Grow Medium