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Scag OEM High-Capacity 3-Bag Spindle Driven Grass Catcher & Install Kit | Gilford Hardware
Scag Scag OEM 3-Bag Spindle-Driven Grass Catcher with Installation Kit for Cheetah 61" and Tiger Cat 52" Mowers Starting at $3,588.00
Scag OEM High-Capacity 3-Bag Spindle Driven Grass Catcher & Install Kit  Benefits Description Specification Increased Capacity with Efficient Pulverization: The 16-bushel capacity hopper, coupled with a blower that pulverizes debris, allows for 50% to 100% more packing into the same space. This leads to fewer interruptions for emptying, thus saving time. Durability and Ease of Handling: Three separate commercial-grade collection bags, designed with hard, molded-plastic bottoms and steel frames, ensure robust handling and protection against damages, making debris disposal into trucks or wagons effortless. Low-Maintenance All-Steel Blower Assembly: With a cutter deck-driven all-steel blower assembly, the product offers quieter operation and reduced overall weight. The design ensures less maintenance and increased dependability over time. Compatibility and Easy Installation: Specifically designed to fit most 2002 and newer models with Velocity Plus™ Cutter Decks, the 3-Bag Grass Catcher can be installed and removed in just minutes (after initial installation!) without any tools, making it user-friendly and versatile for various mowing needs Cut Your Work Time with Scag's High-Capacity Grass Catcher Maximize Your Mowing Efficiency: HIGH-CAPACITY GRASS CATCHER Scag introduces the unbeatable 3-Bag Grass Catcher (GC-3B) system designed to save you time and increase your productivity. With its incredible 16-bushel capacity hopper and blower, it not only collects but also pulverizes debris, allowing you to pack from 50% to over 100% more into the space compared to other catchers. What does this mean for you? Less time emptying bags and more time getting the job done. The 3-Bag Grass Catcher fits most 2002 and newer models, providing a seamless addition to your current equipment. Simplify Debris Handling: LARGE-CAPACITY COLLECTION BAGS Three individual, commercial-grade collection bags provide a robust solution for your grass-collecting needs. These tapered bags, with a combined capacity of 148 gallons (19.8 cubic feet), are designed for optimum debris packing. Coupled with a steel frame for attachment and hard, molded-plastic bottoms, this design ensures durability and makes it easier to dump material into trucks or wagons, allowing you to spend less time on disposal and more time mowing. Designed for Dependability: ALL-STEEL BLOWER ASSEMBLY Driven by the cutter deck, the all-steel blower assembly offers a more compact design and less maintenance. The self-adjusting belt idler system means quieter operation and less overall weight. The 1/4" fan-blade material, combined with improved blower bearing features like a strong cast-iron housing, ensures dependability and long life. This system promises to provide long, reliable service without the hassle of constant upkeep. Tiger Cat II 52" [Bagger & Install Kit] 901S + 901E Tiger Cat II 42" [Bagger & Install Kit] 901S + 901E Tiger Cat II 61" [Bagger & Install Kit] 901S + 900X Cheetah II 61" [Bagger & Install Kit] 901S + 900X
Scag V-Ride II Spindle Driven 2-Bag Grass Catcher (Complete Kit 52
Scag Scag V-Ride II Spindle Driven 2-Bag Grass Catcher (Complete Kit 52") $3,109.00
Scag V-Ride II Spindle Driven 2-Bag Grass Catcher (Complete Kit 52") • Benefits • • Description • • Specification • • 7-Bushel Capacity, 6" Discharge tube, Spindle Driven Verticle Blower • Installs onto any Scag V-Ride II 52" Zero-Turn Lawn Mower • Includes Install kit + Grass Catcher kit, everything you need to bag! • Don't know how to install it? Don't worry! Gilford Hardware & Outdoor Power Equipment can do it for you, contact us  for bagger install pricing! SCAG PART #: 901N & 901L Why spend hours mowing, raking, and picking up debris when you can do it in one simple step? Scag V-Ride II Spindle Driven 2-Bag Grass Catcher lets you quickly and conveniently collect lawn clippings, leaves, and debris while delivering a picture-perfect groomed lawn that everyone will be envious of. This Grass catcher system features: Vertical Blower Design The vertical blower configuration adds only 6 inches to the mower's breadth. That's a lot less room than the discharge chute usually requires! The blower housing is slanted at the bottom and front to avoid damaging uneven terrain. The blower fan is entirely made of steel, with no lightweight plastic components. The blower fan measures 12.5" in diameter and has four 3.75" wide fan blades. All Steel Blower Assembly Rather than cutting using an auxiliary engine, the cutter deck drives the all-steel blower assembly via a self-adjusting belt idler system. This translates to a more compact design, lower maintenance, lower startup costs, quieter operation, and lower total weight. The fan blades are made of a thick 1/4" material that provides dependability and long life. For long, dependable service, the improved blower bearing boasts a stronger cast-iron housing and easy lubrication. DUAL, REAR-FACING EXHAUST PORTS AND METAL DEBRIS SCREEN A sturdy, all-metal debris screen protects the V-Ride II 2-Bag Spindle Driven Grass Catcher hood from flying debris. Larger garbage particles are filtered out by the extra-large screen (25 1/2" x 15"), which keeps them in the bags while allowing air to escape. The appropriate flow of debris from the cutter deck into the bags requires this circulation. The screen is flat and may be scraped clean with ease. FRONT COUNTERWEIGHT SYSTEM For stability, one 35-pound front weight and a 15-pound weighted bracket counteract the weight of the rear-mounted hopper. When you're not bagging, you may effortlessly remove the weight without using any equipment. HEAVY-DUTY, POLY HOPPER HOOD FOR INCREASED DURABILITY The dual exhaust-port design on the V-Ride II 2-Bag Spindle Driven Grass Catcher Fabric hood directs trash and airflow away from the operator. It also extends the life of the engine air filter. As the collecting bags fill with clippings, the dual exhaust-outlet ports (10 1/2" x 2 7/8") ensure appropriate ventilation. This means that the vacuum performance is consistent whether the bags are empty or full. TWO LARGE-CAPACITY, COMMERCIAL-GRADE FABRIC BAGS The commercial-grade fabric used in the V-Ride II 2-Bag Spindle Driven Grass Catcher bags ensures a long life. When the bags are turned upside down, the debris simply exits. To prevent harm from foreign objects, the bags' bottoms are composed of strong plastic. The bag's upper support frame is made of steel. Emptying the bags is simple thanks to a steel grab grip on the bottom. SCAG PART NUMBERS: 901N 901L