Jiffy Peat Pot 10-Pack | Gilford Hardware
Jiffy Jiffy Peat Pot 10-Pack $2.49
Jiffy Peat Pot 10-Pack • Benefits • • Description • • Specification • • Easy seedling transplant, great for vegetables, herbs, and flowers • Biodegradable and 100% Organic • Zero Root Shock Peat Pots start with natural and organic peat. Jiffy will harvest the peat, and dry it at high temperatures to sanitize it. Then we press it into biodegradable Jiffy Pots youl'll love how easy they are to use. OMRI-listed pots contain premium Canadian sphagnum peat. Biodegradable. Simply transplant the whole pot into the ground or container to protect the sensitive root system. Brand Name: Jiffy Product Type: Peat Pot Number in Package: 10 pk Biodegradable: 1 Packaging Type: Sleeve Color: Brown Biodegradable: Yes OMRI-listed *Round shape
Jiffy Peat Pot 5
Jiffy Jiffy Peat Pot 5" 6-Pack $6.59 $6.99
• Benefits • • Description • • Specification • • Simple and Easy Seed Starting • Biodegradeable design allows you to transplant pot into the ground without disturbing the plant • 100% Canadian sphagnum peat Jiffy Peat products can go from inside to the ground or a pot without disturbing the roots of young plants. Dissolves over time. All Jiffy peat products are made with sphagnum peat from Canada. Brand Name: Jiffy Planter Height: 5 in. Product Type: Seed Starting Peat Pot Number in Package: 6 pk Packaging Type: Sleeve Cell Shape: Round For Hydroponic Use: No Brown
Jiffy Tomato & Vegetable Seed Starting Greenhouse | Gilford Hardware
Jiffy Jiffy Tomato & Vegetable Seed Starting Greenhouse $10.49
Jiffy Tomato & Vegetable Seed Starting Greenhouse • Benefits • • Description • • Specification • • Featuring Jiffy's largest peat pellets (16x) which are the perfect size for tomatoes or plants with complex root systems • Plastic Watertight base tray • Clear humidity dome Instructions for use *Does not include seeds* The Jiffy 16 Pellet Tomato & Vegetable Greenhouse allows you to grow up to 16 plants at a time. They are the ideal size for tomatoes and other plants with vast, complicated root systems, as they contain our largest peat pellets. Get your seedlings off to a great start with a sample of SUPERthrive, a kelp-based plant vitamin! Brand Name: Jiffy Product Type: Seed Starting Kit sixteen (16) 50mm diameter peat pellets base watertight plastic tray clear greenhouse humidity dome Bonus SUPERthrive Plant Vitamin sample and plant markers