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Lumore Lumore Mini Camping / Emergency Lantern $9.99
Lumore Mini Camping / Emergency Lantern • Benefits • • Description • • Specification • ✔ Lightweight and Bright 50 Lumen! ✔ Folding handle for carrying and hanging! ✔ Dim lighting easily with a built-in knob! The Lumore Mini Camping / Emergency Lantern Gives you Light where you need it the most! It's the perfect size portable lantern for all of your small-time lighting camping and emergency needs. Its lightweight, durable design will surely keep you out of the dark! It includes a handle for hanging, holding, and easy transportation. A dimming knob lets you control the brightness level, next time you need a nice portable lantern visit Gilford Hardware & Outdoor Power Equipment Today! Brand Name: Lumore Lumens: 50 lm Color: Black/Orange Bulb Type: LED Product Type: Camping Lantern Batteries Included: Yes Material: ABS Number in Package: 1 pk Height: 5.25 in. Width: 4.5 in. Battery Size: AA Packaging Type: Hang Tag Waterproof: No Impact Resistant: No Rechargeable: No Run Time: 120 hr Length: 4.5 inch
Lumore Portable Work Light 500 Lumen | Work Lights | Gilford Hardware
Lumore Lumore Portable Work Light 500 Lumen $14.99 $17.99
Lumore Portable Work Light 500 Lumen  • Benefits • • Description • • Specification • ✔ Illuminate your surroundings with Bright 500 Lumen Light! ✔ 3-Light modes - High 500 Lumens - Low 250 Lumens - Strobe 500 Lumens (blinking) ✔ Non-slip rubber coating, 180-degree adjustable arm, and powerful magnet backing! Just because the sun has set doesn't imply the work is finished. Long after the sun has gone, rely on the Lumore Portable Work Light 500 Lumen to keep you going. This work light adjusts simply to deliver the correct amount of light in any setting. Rubberized non-slip feet provide a sturdy, consistent performance, while a robust magnetic backing makes it easy to use. Brand Name: Lumore Lumens: 500 lm Light Source: COB LED Powered By: Battery Application Type: Stand (H or Scissor) Product Type: Work Light Number of Batteries: 4 Battery Type: Alkaline Batteries Included: Yes   Battery Size: AA