Unlock the true potential of your tasks with Scag SR Series engines – the embodiment of power and reliability. Designed to transform your mowing experience into a seamless journey of efficiency and performance, these engines offer a symphony of advantages that ensure your every mowing endeavor is met with unparalleled excellence.

Embrace the might of substantial power effortlessly harnessed in a dual-barrel carburetor, igniting a surge of performance that propels you through every task with ease. The dual-element air-filtration system forms an unyielding shield of protection around your engine, safeguarding its vitality and ensuring maximum longevity.

Experience the satisfaction of easy maintenance through strategically positioned oil fill and drain points, making upkeep a breeze. With an industry-proven engine application, Scag SR Series engines prove their mettle in both professional and personal landscapes, delivering steadfast dependability.

Dive into a world of innovation with the 90-degree V-Twin design and overhead valve system, a symphony of balance that operates with the precision of a maestro's baton. The aluminum block housing cast-iron cylinder liners stands as a testament to durability, while dynamic balance within the crankshaft ensures hours of smooth operation.

Conquer challenges with electronic spark ignition and forced-air cooling combined with OHV, a recipe that keeps operating temperatures low and extends the life of your engine. The pressurized lubrication system equipped with a spin-on oil filter attests to the meticulous engineering that lies beneath the surface.

Trust in Scag's commitment to quality, evident through their 5-year / 500-Hour warranty coverage, a testament to their confidence in each engine's unwavering performance. Your journey with Scag extends beyond the machine itself – it's a partnership, bolstered by their dedicated network of dealers who provide seamless support.

In your pursuit of superior performance, Scag SR Series engines stand as your unwavering ally, propelling you toward excellence, task after task. Embrace the power that beckons you to achieve more, to exceed limits, and to revel in the satisfaction of a job masterfully done.