Homeplus Ant Killer Ant Bait 0.11 oz.

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Homeplus Ant Killer Ant Bait 0.11 oz.


✔️ Uses 4 Food Sources to Kill Listed Ants

✔️ Starts Killing Worker Ants Within 24 Hours

✔️ For Indoor or Outdoor Use


Effective indoor/outdoor solutions. PIC Ant control systems are highly effective & easy to use. Kills: acrobat, Allegheny, Argentine, big-headed, cornfield, crazy, ghost, little black, odorous house, pavement, pharaoh, Pyramid, thief & white-footed ants.

  • Brand Name: Homeplus
  • Sub Brand: Ant Killer
  • Product Type: Ant Bait
  • Container Size: 0.11 oz. Active Ingredient: Abamectin
  • Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor and Outdoor
  • Pest Type: Ants
  • Safe for Pets: No
  • Product Form: Paste
  • Packaging Type: Carded
  • Safe for Edibles: No
  • Number in Package: 4 pk Metal bait stations *Starts killing worker ants in 24 hours *Child resistant