Honda EM6500SX 6500 watt 120/240V generator with CO-MINDER™

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Honda EM6500SX 6500 watt 120/240V generator with CO-MINDER™



  • Are you looking for a reliable source of Backup power this New England Winter? The Honda EM6500SX 6500 watt 120/240V generator with CO-MINDER™ is a great all-around, powerful generator, at a great price. It provides 7,000 watts of starting power to start up larger appliances or equipment. Easily power for the freezer, furnace, pump, fridge, and much more. It provides both Bluetooth electric start and turn-key start for easy starting options. The CO-Minder advanced carbon monoxide detection system gives you peace of mind, knowing your generator will automatically shut off if it detects dangerous levels of CO2. This generator provides a long run time for up to 9.8 hours depending on what you are running!

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Powers fridge, freezer, furnace, well pump, and much more

Honda EM6500SX Gilford Hardware A Honda Dealer near me

The EM6500S can power a wide range of household equipment, including..

  • Refrigerator or Freezer (Energy Star)
  • Microwave Oven
  • Furnace Fan, gas or fuel oil
  • Sump Pump
  • TV / DVD
  • Hair Dryer
  • Coffee Maker
  • Computer
  • Garage Door Opener
  • Incandescent Lights



3 Ways to Start Up: Bluetooth (App), Turn-Key, and Recoil Backup

Electric Start Honda EM6500SX Gilford Hardware

Electric start (battery included) makes starting easy, along with recoil back-up


Multiple front panel outlets for easy power connections

Honda EM6500SX Multiple power connection options
Covered outlets provide added protection from the elements

Runs up to 9.8 hours on 6.2-gallon tank

Honda em6500x long run time

At half load, it runs for 9.8 hours and at full load, it runs for 6.4 hours. The EM6500S is ideal for nighttime power because of this.

Provides 7,000 watts for 10 sec to start larger equipment

7000 watts starting power honda em65000 gilford hardware

For up to 10 seconds, Honda's iAVR technology allows the generator to work considerably above its maximum rating, allowing it to start high initial amp draw equipment.

Powerful Honda iGX commercial engine

Powerful Honda Engine EM6500 Generator with Blue Tooth Gilford Hardware A Honda dealer near me
The iGX series engines from Honda give exactly what you've always wanted: dependable, optimal performance. These computer-controlled intelligent engines run on their own, with far better, simpler, and faster controls.

Easy to Control Power 120/240V Selector switch

Honda EM6500 Selector Switch Gilford Hardware a honda dealer near me

You can use both 120 and 240 volts, or just 120 volts. This permits the complete generator output to be accessed through any of the 120 volt outlets, with the capacity of each outlet being the sole limit. This allows you to power units that demand more wattage.

Honda My Generator app + Bluetooth® capability

Honda Bluetooth App Gilford Hardware

Honda's proprietary My Generator smartphone app allows you to operate and monitor your generator from anywhere, with exceptional performance and simplicity. The app uses Bluetooth® connectivity to provide wireless start/stop, operation monitoring, and servicing reminders.

Quiet, Low Sound Level

honda em6500 low sound level

Low 64-66 dB(A) sound level