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    Arborcoat Exterior Solid Stain Ultra Flat

    Arborcoat Gilford Hardware

    Arborcoat Exterior Solid Stain Ultra Flat

    • ⮞ Mask Imperfections on exterior surfaces with an Ultra-Flat Finish

      ⮞ Gorgeous and Rustic Ultra Flat Finish

      ⮞ Suitable for Use on All Types of Wood, Properly cured Stucco, Masonry, and Cement Siding

      ⮞ Excellent Touch-up and Recoat properties

      ⮞ Superior UV protection

      ⮞ Resists stains and scuffs

      ⮞ Resists Mildew Growth

      ⮞ Easy cleanup with just soap and water

      Available to be mixed into 3,500+ Colors At Gilford Hardware & Outdoor Power Equipment

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