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NGK NGK Spark Plug BPMR7A $7.99
NGK Spark Plug BPMR7A • Benefits • • Description • • Specification • • Threads that have been cold rolled to protect the cylinder head from damage. • Gas leakage through the shell is nearly eliminated thanks to the triple gasket sealing technique. • Solid Copper Core - allows for better heat dissipation, conductivity, and a wider temperature range. • The use of silver chromate and zinc in a three-step plating process guarantees optimal corrosion resistance. For most automotive and Outdoor Power Equipment Applications, NGK Standard spark plugs are OE certified and recommended for dependable performance. The 5-Rib insulator design on NGK Standard spark plugs prevents flashover, and they're also coated with corrosion-resistant plating for easy installation and removal. The cylinder head is protected by cold-rolled threads. Gas leaking through the shell is nearly eliminated thanks to NGK's triple gasket sealing method. Solid copper cores have better heat dissipation, conductivity, and a wider temperature range. NGK BPMR7A replacement for the following brands.. AC Delco CS42S Atika 364510 Atika 364551 Atika 380856 Autolite 2974 Autolite 2976 Autolite 2984 Autolite XST2974 Beru 14SR-5F Beru 14SR-6F Beru Z260 Bosch 0242240506 Bosch 0242240576 Bosch 0242245533 Bosch WS8F Bosch WSR5F Bosch WSR6F Bosch stk 7543 Brisk 3022 Brisk 3130 Brisk 3159 Brisk PR15Y Brisk PR17YC Champion 852 Champion CJ8Y Champion RCJ6Y Champion RCJ7Y Champion RCJ7YT04 Champion RCJ7YW24 Champion stk 848 Champion stk 852 Champion stk 859 Denso 6043 Denso W20MP-U Denso W22MPR-U Denso W22MPRU Denso stk 6023 Dolmar 965603021 Electrolux 503235111 General Motors 5613726 Honda 98073-57944 Husqvarna 503235111 Iskra FSC75CPR Jenn Feng 9295-331501 Jenn Feng 9295331501 Kawasaki 920702107 Kawasaki E920702107 Kioritz A425309-0210 Kioritz A425309-0211 Kioritz A425309-0301 Lux 310302 Motorcraft A22NX Motorcraft A42N Motorcraft stk 107 NGK stk 4626 Oregon OPR15Y PAL (Brisk) PR15Y Tanaka 018-11610-21 Tanaka 668-5782 Torch L7RTC Torch L8RT Yamaha 90793-20098 •Specifications• POWER SOURCE Battery WEIGHT 55.1 lbs. WEIGHT (w/ AK 30) 58 lbs. CUTTING HEIGHT 1.4’’ – 3.9’’ CUTTING WIDTH 18.1 in. DECK WIDTH 19 in. GRASS CATCHER CAPACITY 15.85 gal. AREA MOWED (w/ AK 30) 2,852 sq. ft. BATTERY SERIES AK Series SELF-PROPELLED No